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Creating Prosperity with Goddess Abundantia & the Wealth Angels Workshop

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Goddess Abundantia and the Wealth Angels assist you in clearing your blocks to abundance and help with clearing any vibrations which are blocking you living a prosperous life in monetary terms, health, relationships, friendships and any other areas of your life where you would like to create abundance.

Alphedia Araras channel Goddess Abundantia who explains to you the art of Divine Creation and also attunes you to the Prosperity Frequency Codes.

Prosperity is a vibration that was interfered with by the Annunaki at the fall of Atlantis, when they created within humanity a dependency on following instruction rather than creating the new.

The start of the year is always a great time to harness the creation energies and set manifesting goals and targets.

  • In this workshop Goddess Abundantia leads you on meditation, brings through 3 attunements to shift your energy frequency into prosperity vibration and also teaches you through her channeling wisdom that which you may have forgotten regarding your creative abilities.

Many of you may be trying to create through positive affirmations and manifestation lists but may have underlying entrenched belief patterns that are negating and blocking your manifestations.

Goddess Abundantia brings through a clearing of the most common beliefs that cause souls to be unfulfilled within the prosperity vibration.

These can be feelings of unworthiness, fear of change, lack of self love or just lack of inspiration not knowing where to turn next.

In this powerful workshop you have the opportunity to alter your life going forward.

You will learn clearing statements and affirmations as well as being able to sense and know what is holding you back from living the happy prosperous Earth experience at this time.

The veils of illusion which humans are birthed through have brought in lots of conditioning that you may be unaware you are living through.

Family, education and media also conditions society into certain belief forms.

The Wealth Angels will work with you on removing subconscious blocks to being wealthy, not only in monetary terms, but wealthy in terms of health, friendships and relationships or any other area of your life you are seeking change within.

As the higher frequency light descends onto the Planet after the latest Solar Eclipse you have the opportunity now to dispel myths of illusion that you have been living under.

Know that you are responsible for yourself. It is only YOU that can make the choice to bring change for the better into being.

It is now time to utilise this Divine responsibility and in this workshop you will have the opportunity to transform your Earth existence if you choose.

Alphedia Arara has previously channeled two other workshops with these beings which are available in the web shop and this is the third in the series.

Channeled Message from Goddess Abundantia

“Greetings, greetings, dear ones. It is with great honour and joy that I come forth again to connect with you all.

I wish to shower you in my prosperity blessings to help uplift your soul, to help move you out of your difficulties and to move you on to your exciting path of creation.

It is time for you to create through your own choices, through your inner soul wisdom expression a life of bliss, harmony, prosperity and joy.

Prosperity vibration is a state of being yet many of you had it corrupted during the Atlantean epoch and it is corrupted through the DNA line codes.

We will be working on your morphic field of prosperity clearing from you the vibrations that are blocking you living the prosperous life your soul is seeking to create.

Know one of the main issues which holds souls back on earth is the vibration of doubt and I will be doing a transmission to clear you from the doubt morphic field.

I will also be doing a clearing on unworthiness that many of you are also affected by as well as the guilt morphic field.

Depending on those who chose to join, I will bring forth different clearings and also support you in focusing your intentions and focusing means also taking action and for many of you it is the lack of action that holds you back, and we will help you look at why you are unable to take action in being prosperous.

This is a good time of year as the human collective consciousness is very motivated to bring in change and the energies of this new year period also allow you to reset and reestablish your direction.

I will help you connect into your inner soul wisdom to know what it is your soul is seeking in order to feel fulfilled and for many of you the feeling of unfullfilment on a deep soul level is coming to a head now. The energies are bringing up the shadow aspect within so it can be addressed.

As you connect with the prosperity codes know that your life will and can transform.

Prosperity is something that many souls make judgements on, there are many conditioned belief patterns that have been imprinted into you about money, about being prosperous.

Now prosperity just links to energy exchange which is all money is, so even if you have no money you can feel prosperous for life can become this when you step into the vibration of prosperity and can be provided for you in many ways.

But ultimately it is about you starting to become a generator, a creator of abundance and we will work on your chakras to help them resonate at that frequency, also your meridians and also to shift beliefs you may not even be aware that you have had which are holding you back.

I am very excited for this opportunity to connect in with you, to bring forth the abundance and to lead you in the ability to create your own prosperity. For once you have a deep understanding of creating prosperity, you will always be able to do so whilst on the Earth plane.

It is with great honour and joy that I have come forth. Adoni.”


"Just wanted to express my appreciation for the Abundance Workshop with the Wealth angels and Goddess Abundantia. I found it very worthwhile and will definitely do the next one, I too am challenged in receiving. Thank you for facilitating, and Goddess Abundantia came through really clearly for me and recommended that I do the series of workshops so very useful!" Karen, Australia

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