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Crystal Skull Channeling

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(If you would like to be notified when spaces become available to book please email [email protected])

Due to the demand for personal channelings at this present time please allow up to one month to receive your Crystal Skull Channeling from Alphedia.

Alphedia has the gift of being able to channel the crystal skulls and offers channelings from your crystal skull via a photograph.

Would you like to know more about the work your crystal skull is doing with you?

Your own crystal skull will have come to you for a reason and may wish to help you in various ways in your life and may also wish to be taken to certain locations to collect knowledge, wisdom and keys for you.

Crystal Skull channelings are around 10-15 minutes of direct talking from your Crystal Skull. Alphedia will also speak after the channeling giving any other wisdom or information.

They are recorded in her Sacred Space at Glenholm Spiritual Centre and are emailed out to you as an MP3 recording.

The Crystal Skull Conclave is a consciousness that resides within crystal skulls. This consciousness is willing to work with Humanity again at this time in the Earth’s evolution and many are now drawn to be the guardians of crystal skulls.

You should receive your Crystal Skull Channeling within a month of purchase.

Please state the name of your skull and type of crystal (if known) with your order

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