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Crystal Skull Consciousness Workshop

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Alphedia Arara channels through new information from the Crystal Skull Conclave. Take part in Earth healing with the Crystal Skulls, upgrade your holographic matrix and understand your role as a Crystal Skull Guardian.

Alphedia Arara has been working with the Crystal Skull Conclave since 2009 when her first Crystal Skull, Keif, a white jasper skull appeared for her at the London Mind, Body & Spirit Show, where she was a speaker.

Ever since that point her journey with the Crystal Skulls has lead her to many sacred sites as well as through many healing experiences.

In this workshop she channels the Consciousness of the Crystal Skulls and leads you, with her vast experience of working with the Skull Conclave, to tackle healing in any area of your life that you are seeking.

She gives you her personal tips and guidance, she teaches you how to work with your Crystal Skulls to amplify the healing but also, more importantly, she brings through transmissions in particular from the Third Crystal Skull of Atlantis.

You have the privilege and honour of experiencing this and are also guided to information on your role, why you have come to be a Crystal Skull Guardian on Earth again at this time.

Know the Crystal Skulls wish to speak with you and Alphedia works to open up your Sixth Sense to help you establish a deeper connection with your Crystal Skulls and shows you ways and techniques that the Crystal Skulls have helped her on her Ascension Journey.

Channeled Message from the Crystal Skull Consciousness

Greetings, we are the Consciousness of the Crystal Skull Conclave.

The Crystal Skull Conclave is like the Angelic Realm, it is a collective consciousness having the frequencies of Divine Unity.

We are in essence like a lens, we are in essence co-creators of the new Earth reality and the Divine Perspective.

In Ancient Atlantis there were twelve physical Crystal Skulls with the thirteenth etheric one.

We were like the libraries, we stored the data, the consciousness and the upgrades that Mother Gaia was going through.

Now at this time there is a proliferation of Crystal Skull Guardians on Earth and many of you are remembering your work with the Ancient skulls in Lemuria, for our consciousness was there too, and mostly in Atlantis.

Many of you are remembering you returned to Earth to be Crystal Skull Guardians again.

Many of you are gathering them and some with no reason as to why.

But know that we now wish to come forward to explain the Crystal Skull Conclave and to help you understand the role of your crystal skulls, why they are being carved and why our consciousness is coming into them at this time.

We each have our own speciality and work we are here to do, our own personas you may say, but ultimately we are here as Ambassadors of the Divine Source and we are Ambassadors of the translation of the new Earth frequencies into all reality.

Many of you are making the journey into the Fifth Dimension once again and we wish to, in this course, teach you how to work with your skulls to move you more easily onto your Earth healing path and how to work with us to upgrade your holographic matrixes.

Now during Atlantis only a privileged few would be allowed to enter, to touch the Crystal Skulls, but we were brought forth to do mass group healings and clearings and upgradings.

Many of you are remembering working with the crystals to clear the land, working with the Skull Conclave to receive Divine guidance and information and also working with the Skull Conclave in order to support your physical regeneration.

Now many of you are struggling at this time with the crystallisation process of your bone structures.

Many of you are getting aches and pains.

Many of you are requiring to imbue yourselves more fully with crystalline frequencies.

Know that you are being asked now, you are being tasked, to move to this place of alignment with your true soul blueprint.

In this workshop we are going to physically gather, to take you on healings and meditations and then we will be introduced to the consciousness of the Third Crystal Skull of Atlantis.

This crystal skull consciousness has now come to reside within the clear quartz modern skull for the original skull has been destroyed.

There are different facets of this Third Skull of Atlantis now in various locations but one is under the guardianship of Alphedia Arara and you will receive an Atlantean Crystal Skull Healing experience.

This will help you all as you try to integrate with ease into the new higher frequency Earth templates.

We will tell you work that you are here to do with your own crystal skulls, teach you how to be upgraded by your skulls and also how to work with the Skull Conclave for Earth healing.

This will be a powerful Crystal Skull Consciousness transmission to help you establish deeper connection with your Crystal Skulls, to activate their healing powers tenfold and to also have a Divine upgrade of your holographic matrix yourself.

It is an honour and a joy for us to come together in one voice in unison. Adoni.”

This workshop includes live channeling, meditation, attunements, activations and, of course, sound healing. Alphedia supports you through this profound healing experience with the Crystal Skull Kingdom.

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