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Crystallisation Process - Pleiadian New Moon Transmission

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This Pleiadian transmission helps you integrate the Crystallisation Process which is occurring to your physical body at this time.

Every New Moon Alphedia Arara is asked to bring through a transmission to support you moving on the next stage of your Ascension path, this month it is the Pleiadian Starbeings who have come forward to support us with the Crystallisation Process.

They bring forward a half hour transmission healing mediation to aid us on the Crystallisation process.

This transmission also includes a powerful New Moon Gong Bath which contains the codes and frequencies to support you in your inner journey of healing and Ascension channeled by Auraengus Manu.

The Pleiades

Channeled Message from the Pleiadians

Greetings, greetings, greetings. We are the Pleiadian Consciousness.

We have come forward to connect with you at this time as you have entered through this New Moon portal in Sagittarius, further allowing for the crystallisation of your bone structures.

As you are on this journey of Ascension, for you all it is time now to do the crystallisation work through the clear quartz frequencies.

In this transmission that we have brought forth we take you on our Earth Pleiadian Spaceship, we take you to orbit through the Pleiadian stars and we then enter into the vortex. And in this vortex point is the moment of crystallisation which will affect your physical body.

Many of you have been experiencing fatigue, tiredness, detox, overwhelm, anxiety or strong emotions as you have been preparing consciously, or subconsciously, for this gateway opening.

Inside the Spaceship we are able to identify the level you are ready individually to work upon. You are given a coloured badge and this will indicate the room to enter. The room you enter will be the frequency that the Crystallisation process is to occur for your own energy field. You are then handed a clear quartz crystal to aid the process.

Once you connect with this crystal it will activate in your soul colours and during the Crystallisation process over the next coming months you can visualise your soul colours within you and amplify them to aid you in this journey you are on. We also work with you in clearing and shifting vibrations that you may be struggling to release at this point in time.

You can continue to meditate or you can enter the chamber of healing, here we will scan you and prepare for you the space to receive Pleiadian Ascension healing.

On this journey you also then have your chakras cleansed and your meridians, this allows for free flow of the newer, higher frequency light to occur through your energy field. Then as the Spaceship enters the vortex where the frequencies allow for Crystallisation to begin.

During this silent meditation point, those of you who are clairsentience will strongly feel the shift of the energy and this will enable you to increase your energy vibration frequency. We work with you to support you, giving you guidance from our realm, bringing through frequencies that help you with your physical metamorphosis.

This now is about the physical body being able to cope with these Ascension shifts as you move into this next portal at the Solstice point. We Pleiadians are very honoured to be able to help you have this transition, to support you through loving guidance on the path ahead.

Know dear ones that you are ready for this experience and as we integrate you, as we shift the frequency within you, you will feel more space within your physical self.

We return you back to Earth where you are able to re-ground and connect fully with Mother Earth’s nurturing love for you again.

Do not underestimate the power of the transmissions and the inner work that you are performing. We commend you all and it is our honour and joy.

The Pleiadian High Council is here always to support those who are ready to remember us, to acknowledge us and who are serious about the resurrection of Human’s consciousness. Adoni.”

As always Alphedia supports the healing journey with crystal singing bowls, the Tibetan singing bowls, the elemental chimes and percussion for a fully immersive soul healing experience.

This workshop also includes the Metatron monthly report and invocation recording channeled by Alphedia Arara.

Crystallisation Gateway - Metatron’s Monthly Ascension Report

This is free to listen to and share on this link


Greetings, greetings, greetings. I am Archangel Metatron, Angel of Ascension. I come forward at this New Moon portal to support you all through the next stage of your Ascension process.

This New Moon in Sagittarius occurring on the 26th November is heralding in the opportunity for you all to grow, expand your consciousness and to accept the new timeline realities. The timeline portal opened on 11.11 and as we build up to the 12.12 portal, and then of course the Solstice moment you will start to find that your reality consciousness is shifting.

You are starting to become fine-tuned, able to detect other realities and dimensions with greater ease. This New Moon is bringing in a Gateway to access the higher Crystalline light codes within your DNA. This will affect your bone structure and will affect your abilities to ground.

As we move through this portal you will find that you are being presented with hidden emotions to deal with and release. A lot of these emotions are stored in the brain stem. Now the brain stem is where nerves radiate forth down the body from and the brain stem is changing.

Those who are accessing, consciously or unconsciously, the higher crystalline frequencies are finding their brain stems are starting to become more sensitive. Some of you may be experiencing headaches, fatigue, detox systems, emotional overload and anxiety. Know that this New Moon brings all this to a head and it is your choice whether to tackle what is coming up, and to make the choice to move in fully through the new Crystalline gateway opening.

Now you have already had the Diamond gate opening within your DNA, but this Crystalline opening is more akin with the clear quartz frequency. Now quartz is the most abundant crystal on Planet Earth and it is also present within your jaspers, chalcedony, and agates. Know that these stones will support you through this New Moon portal as are the Pleiaidan starbeings wishing to come forward and connect with you.

Of course Earth is orbiting within the Pleiaidan system and the Pleiaidans are keen to help you all rise your frequency. They are wishing to connect with you each to offer their service and healing on your journey at this time.

But really, the key I wish to reiterate is to stay grounded in the Earth reality, walk outside daily, hug a tree, allow yourself to be connected with the Earth in some way. The reason for this is in order for you to successfully process through this Crystalline gateway opening it requires you to be really anchored within the physical self.

So much of Humanity is living through the mental body and the mind and you may be experiencing pains within your body as it is trying to remind you of your physicality. Swimming for example is a good exercise as the water touch against the physical body really helps you anchor in to physicality, for it is a physical crystalline process you are to experience. Drinking lots of clean water and having a lighter diet will be beneficial through this month also.

Know that further resurrection experience, that you are all choosing to go through, will be worth it when the Rainbow Heart gateway opens at the Winter Solstice.

Now allow yourselves to move into this place of inner knowing and of inner truth, listen to the guidance within."

Invocation Prayer

I call upon the presence of the mighty Archangel Metatron, Angel of Ascension, to guide me through my journey of light at this time.

I am ready to receive the next stage of the Crystallisation process.

Aid and support me in grounding and being aware of my physicality.

Allow me to detach from over thinking and to reside within my physical heart.

Show me what will aid me through this resurrection experience and allow me to process and heal all that stands in my way of this Crystallisation process.

I call for assistance, I am ready. Namaste."
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