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Dismantling Old Structures : Melchizedek & Atlantean Angels Workshop

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Workshop date: Saturday 24th July 2021
Duration approximately: 2.5 hours
Please note: Video & Audio downloads available. No personal message is included

This workshop was recorded at a full moon and is now available on Video & MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place 24th July 2021.

You are most welcome to join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu to best harness the energies of this Full Moon in Aquarius with the assistance of the Ascended Master Melchizedek and the Atlantean Angels.

The Full Moon occurs at 3.37am and the energies of this Moon are all about the dismantlement of the old paradigm, the old structures of operation and the reclaiming of our inner sovereignty moving forward.

Many of us light pioneers have been sent down as part of the Melchizedek Order who are a select group of souls who come from many different Galaxies and Star Systems.

They are sent en masse to assist a great upgrade or change of consciousness.

At this time on Earth many of you are members of the Melchizedek Light Order who have been sent to awaken humanity and now to awaken within yourself the remembrances of this mission.

This Full Moon is presenting us with the opportunity to recreate through the dismantlement of the old, the highest timeline of Golden Atlantis.

As we have moved into the Leo Sun energy, this fire drives us to create this opportunity for rebirth at the opening of the Lions Gate a few days later at the start of the Galactic New Year.

This is a very potent full moon time, a time to further dismantle not only yourself, but all of humanity from the old dogma.

From the old outmoded ways of being, of fear, of servitude, of disempowerment.

And to rise into our power as psychic healers, intuitive missionaries and awakeners.

The potent energies of this Aquarian Full Moon allow the big ideas to be formed, allow you to remember the higher timeline trajectory.

And allow for further personal advancement of your mission and as part of the collective mission.

In this workshop Melchizedek will be particularly speaking to you all about the progress of the current Earth mission.

About the next stage for the order, as well as your own personal roles within it.

Many of you may have been feeling lethargic, many of you may have been feeling stagnation or overwhelm, or inability to focus.

Whereas now you have the opportunity to be liberated, you have the opportunity to be empowered.

You have the opportunity to stand in your own sovereignty, full to the brim with deep understanding.

Of where you are at on your soul trajectory and as part of the collective mission for all.

The Atlantean Angels will be helping to release you from any Atlantean karma that is still affecting you from the fall of Atlantis.

As well as assisting you in remembering how to live on Earth in higher states of consciousness.

And as we all collectively rise in consciousness, we start to pull everyone along with us to create the New Earth, the new Eden.

The workshop will start with an invocation to call in the energies and to receive your own personal healing this Full Moon.

Alphedia Arara will channel live Master Melchizedek so that he has this opportunity to speak with you all about the progress the Earth and humanity are making.

You will be taken on a guided channelled meditation with sound, to connect with the full moon.

Then after Melchizedek’s message, you will have your full moon self realisation exercise.

In this, you will have the opportunity to realise what part of the old structures you are ready to be released from, where your limitations still are at this point, and what you are creating and here on Earth to perform and fulfil.

You will then receive a Master Melchizedek Order Ascension Sphere attunement so you can reconnect with the Order of Melchizedek consciousness.

You will then be led on a powerful Full Moon guided meditation transmission.

Where Melchizedek and the Atlantean Angels will channel live powerful healing.

To transform your inner matrix, to free you from structures you may have been unfamiliar with, that were holding down your vibration.

To assist you in being disconnected from any webs that are detrimental to your own personal health, as well as your spiritual progression going forward.

You will also receive from the Atlantean Angels beautiful Golden Atlantean healing.

This healing is only able to return onto Earth at this time as the old structures dismantle.

You will be some of the first within current human consciousness, to receive this golden light frequency now back on Earth

They will also work with you to help move you into a higher timeline of health, happiness and abundance going forward.

The whole beautiful workshop ceremony will end with an Atlantean Crystal Skull healing transmission from Karula.

Who is a stunning clear quartz crystal skull, containing the 3rd consciousness of the original Atlantean crystal skull.

This will be a great reset for you before the opening of the Lion’s Gate a few days later.

No previous experience of working with Melchizedek is required.

If you feel the call of this course, know that you are a member and are ready to reawaken and reclaim your inner knowledge.

As always, Alphedia will be channelling live the sacred instruments to provide beautiful sound healing to accompany the deep soul healing that you will experience in this Full Moon ceremony transmission.

Channelling from Master Melchizedek:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings,
It is with great honour and joy that I, Master Melchizedek come forward.

It is a great opportunity for you all at this time to awaken to your collective purpose.

To remember the mission that you are here on as part of the Melchizedek order.

Allow me to support you through this, eradicating any issues that you are encountering and help to return you to your inner path of Light.

I am delighted the Atlantean Angels are coming forward to let you experience the high frequency Golden Codex Awakening.

And this will really empower you for moving forward.

It will bring great relief, after we have dismantled all the deep structures that have been embedded within the human consciousness matrix that no longer serves.

You are moving all as a collective race to this place of unconditional love.

To this place of understanding of others.

To this place of acceptance and to this place of harmony with all.

In order for us to do this, we have to start this process of dismantlement of the matrixes within yourselves.

For you be getting called to dismantle the webs of darkness that are infiltrating Earth and have been since the fall of Atlantis.

This is just another turn of the wheel and another door portal opening, but it is potent as it is occurring before the Lion’s Gate, the Galactic New Year birthing.

Know the planets are all aligned to support you while you do this inner work and it is encouraging that many of you are on the path already and you are ready to find out the next stage of the mission.

I will bring through this transmission on multifactorial levels so you will be affected and healed at the level that is right for your consciousness at this time.

You will have deep support in this nurturing rebirthing.

To allow you to have expanded consciousness and to have a deep understanding of who you are and the next stage of the mission for you and in the manifestation of your dreams and desires and hopes as a soul.

For you are here not only on this collective mission as part of the Melchizedek order awakening humanity consciousness project, but also for your own soul’s progression, to bring peace, harmony, joy and love and light into your consciousness.

You are never alone while you do this work and it is our great honour to support you and to remind you of that support.

You will have the opportunity to ask for whatever the support is that you require at this time.


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