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Dolphin Pineal Gland Activation Workshop

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Workshop date: 6 December 2014
Duration approximately: 1.5 hrs
Please note: There is no personal message available with this recording. Audio download available.

The Dolphins work on attuning and activating our pineal glands so that we become an antennae for the light and are able to harness the high frequency codes that descended due to the astrological shifts which occurred in 2015.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audiodownload automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 6th December 2014.

In December 2014 Alphedia Arara channelled through the Dolphin consciousness which came forward to assist us with the energies of the moon cycle.

The Dolphins hold high vibrational light, they are one of the brightest mammals on the planet and they also hold ancient codes and keys from the Lemurian Era.

Lemuria was an ancient civilisation prior to Atlantis when humanity was of a higher vibrational frequency.

This full moon was known as the cold moon and was at 12:26pm in the star sign of Gemini.

Many Lemurian priests and priestesses are returning to the planet Earth at this time to help with the shift into heart centered consciousness and the Dolphins are offering to bring through this full moon, the opportunity to let go of guilt, to let go of shame and also to remember your ancient connection to Lemurian wisdom and the Dolphin Kingdom.

The Dolphin consciousness will assist in helping you activate your Dolphin matrix chakra beneath your feet and also allowing you as a soul to move more into connecting with your crystalline energy signature that is now formed. Many souls feel the pull towards the Dolphins as the connection with their wisdom is what your soul craves at this time.

The Dolphins are very good at helping to lighten your energy and also pulling out stuck negative emotional patterning. In this full moon workshop the Dolphins help you break through barriers in thinking and thoughtforms that have been keeping you kept at your current vibrational state.

They open the door up to allow you to access the higher frequency light into your core central matrix and help bring through a reminder of playfulness and fun.

This is an opportunity for you to cleanse deeply at a soul level and to reconnect to the oneness of all and all creatures through your heart.

  • Alphedia channels the Dolphins and then leads you on a self realisation exercise with the Dolphin consciousness, to help you look at what you wish to let go of and release. Alphedia then leads you on a channelled healing meditation from the Dolphin realm.

Channelled Message from Alphedia’s Dolphin Guide

We come forward as the Dolphin race to offer guidance for souls incarnate in physical body at this last full moon of 2014. We wish to help remind humanity of their connection to the Dolphin realm. Our ancient past is entwined for Dolphins have existed on planet Earth for longer than humanity.

We hold the codes of the higher light embodiment whilst in physicality and we do so through joy, playfulness and fun.

Many humans are attracted to our species because they remember their ancient connection with us in the Lemurian era, and they recognise that by connecting with us in meditation, in physical contact and by listening to our sound they elevate out of third dimensional reality and get an exhilarated thrill as we open the heart centre, subconsciously allowing your souls to remember your connection with the divine source and that you hold vast potential within to change your reality and life as you know it.

We will through this workshop allow you this opportunity to connect once again to the divine aspect within, which is within you all.

We will clear from you the vibrations that hold you back and allow you to move forward freely on your divine path. Namaste”.
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