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Dragon Earth Keeper Workshop

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Find out what Elemental Dragons are working with you at this time, what your role as an Earth healing is and how you can work with the Dragon Realm to assist you as an Earth healer.

To celebrate the energies of the Summer Solstice 2017, Alphedia Arara channeled a Dragon Keeper workshop at Kilmichael Glen, Argyll, Scotland.

The dragons will support you in your transformational journey over this special Solstice shift. The energies of the earth are going to change after this solstice and many of you will be presented with opportunities to transform and transmute through generations and lifetimes of patterning.

The dragons are excellent allies in transmutation and in order to assist you in your own personal ascension journey as well as your journey as an Earth healer and scared knowledge Earth keeper they are offering you this great opportunity for spiritual growth.

  • In this workshop Alphedia Arara channels the dragon realm live.
  • You go on a deep chakra clearing journey with the elemental dragon realm.
  • You receive a dragon ascension sphere attunement to help you set your own intentions to receive dragon healing.
  • You work with the dragons of the five different elements and receive a transmission of Earth Keeper codes of light. These will help you fulfil your mission in supporting Gaia, Mother Earth in her transition and open you up more fully into becoming an Earth keeper.
  • You go on a guided meditation to meet your own personal dragon guide who is assisting you with the Earth energy shifts and Earth healing work.

You have the opportunity to awaken yourself fully to your Earth healing role and receive a dragon magic initiation.

This will be to assist you and prepare you for how to negotiate the energies of the latter part of this year. The dragons have come to awaken us and upgrade our energy systems at this time.

This workshop was channeled in a sacred location where many leylines cross. The dragons of these sacred leylines of Scotland will also be supporting you as well as your own guides. This will be a unique opportunity for you to celebrate yourself as an Earth healer, as an alchemist, as a Dragon Initiate and as a healer.

Crannog, Kilmichael Glen

Channeled message from the dragon realm

Greetings I am known as Arona, and I am the dragon guardian of the scared codes of the Earth.

I come forth to offer you the opportunity to access the sacred codes of the Earth. An to assist you with your missions for Mother Earth.

Each of you is unique, each of you has come to earth offering skills and gifts and many of you have heard the call of the dragon realm, this is because you are the earth keepers. You can access this scared dragon knowledge of which we are guardians of, deep within Mother Earth.

And we offer you this opportunity to awaken, to remember your service with the dragon realm and your service to Mother Earth who presents you with this opportunity as a soul to grow during this ascension process as Earth healers.

Your are able to respond and access to the changes of vibration of Mother Earth.

We all have this knowledge yet few of you truly honour it and access it. This is an opportunity for you to do your Earth healing work, to do your service to your soul and to reap the rewards and the benefits of the great changes that are coming after the Solstice for this who are ready to be living in fifth dimensional consciousness always.

You will soar high in the sky on our wings of light. Your holographic matrixes will burn and radiate joy, light and love.

You will harness and muster the ability to instantly heal, to master and over come the ego, your conditioning and your ancestral karmic knots. Know we feel honoured to offer this opportunity to you today and it is with great honour privilege and joy that we bring forth the wisdom, Namaste.”

This workshop was part of the Merlin and Dragons summer solstice retreat 2017.

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