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Dragon Transmission - Preparing You Physically for the Earth Changes

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The Dragons explain how Mother Earth changes are affecting us physically. They wish to support us in improving our physical health, grounding and disconnecting us from the grief vibration affecting human consciousness. They want to help Light Workers and Dragon Initiates prepare physically for the Earth energy shifts.

In this transmission Alphedia Arara channels the Dragons as they explain how Mother Earth changes are affecting us physically.

They wish to support us getting to the root of physical pains, stress and illness manifesting in our bodies. They explain that as more light floods onto the planet, and as Mother Earth awakens, her vibration increases.

In this transmission you are working with the dragons of the elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. You are introduced to a Dragon guide of a particular element who you journey with deep into Mother Earth.

You then disconnect from human form into particles or a Dragon. This is a uniquely freeing experience while in the Earth hologram form as a human.

Here you work with the Dragons of Inner Earth. They take you into a grounding chamber and help clear your blocks to being fully grounded on the planet. You are then taken to the mountains to work with the Earth dragons, then the Air Dragons, the Water Dragons and lastly the Fire dragons.

They work on your chakras and bring through Light Codes. This is a deeply healing experience. You then return to the chamber to be disconnected from grief consciousness.

The Dragons explain that as souls we experience the vibrations of grief and loss due to a disconnection from Divine Source that is programmed into us.

You stand in front of a crystal ball which the grief consciousness is contained in and then the Dragons start to disconnect you from this frequency.

Again you will experience a liberating sensation as you are no longer constricted by this lower vibration programming.

The Dragons support your journey with channeling lots of drum and toning through Alphedia. You are also supported by singing bowls and percussion to help anchor the sound frequencies into you also.

Channeled Message from the Dragons

Greetings we are the Dragons. We call to humanity to offer our support at this exciting time on Earth.Many of you have returned here again to experience a deeper connection with the Dragons. We are the Masters of Transmutation.

Through this meditation transmission we are supporting you in shifting stuck energy that is limiting your Earth experience. We are supporting you with a 4 element healing and transformation. We are preparing you for the energy shifts this month and later in the year. Know that your physical body is a temple. You are guided to nurture and look after it. To support it and heal it.

We do not wish to see you suffer. You are expansive souls of light. We are here to support with the removal of obstacles in you life.

To aid you in your transformation into higher consciousness and to move into the flow of creativity and inspiration.It is our great privilege to support you all on your journey of light should you choose to be awakened to the reality of now. Adoni.”
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