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"I love Alphedia’s dragon workshops! She is really attuned to the dragon energies and brings in the most amazing dragon wisdom and healings. Alphedia always knows which will bring the most supportive energies when we need them. These workshops are a great way to get to know the different dragons, meet your own dragon guides and learn how to work with them. They are “a must” if you are connected to dragons." Anne, Canada

"Alphedia Arara and her Dragon Wisdom School are where you will find THE most up to date information on our spiritual growth and how the dragons are assisting us in this time of change. One of my favorite aspects of Alphedia's role is that she is in the trenches with us - learning and sharing her own journey in the meditations and workshops. So many of us feel alone and separated - the meditations bring us together with our best support system ever - the dragons.

I can't say enough about how much I love how Alphedia channels wisdom with such clarity. Honestly, every meditation and workshop I've ever listened to is worth way more than I've ever actually paid. Thank you Alphedia & Aurengeus for making it possible for anyone and everyone to be able to participate in receiving such wisdom!" Mykal, USA

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