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Dragon's Blood Jasper Dragon Skull 3"

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The lovely Dragon Blood Jasper skull is here to connect to the element of Earth. This earth dragon fully embodies Mother Earth's consciousness to inspire you to move into full Oneness with the Gaia earth consciousness. When we fully connect with the Earth energies we feel our hearts expand, we earth and come fully into the present moment. This dragon skull is great for those who feel lost on earth, disconnected from home and struggling to cope with the denser aspects of the Matrix.

Crystal Properties

Dragon's Blood Jasper brings vitality and joy and lifts the emotions up. All jaspers are very earthy and grounding. It is a personal power stone providing strength and courage and purpose. It is great for increasing endurance and focus. Dragon's Blood connects to the heart chakra, opening it to strength and energising. It also balances the masculine and feminine energies.

All the Dragons are activated by Alphedia Arara in Merlindale, Scottish Borders one of the highest vibration areas in Scotland.


Length: 8 cm

Height: 4 cm

Width: 4 cm

If you wish to keep the information about this crystal please take note before you order.

Guided meditation to connect with your Dragon Skull included

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