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Egyptian God Thoth Full Moon Workshop

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The Ascended Master Egyptian God Thoth comes forward to lead this full moon meditation to help prepare your energy field for the shifts occuring on the planet at this time.

Thoth is a specialist in divine magic, life purpose, teaching, sacred geometry and prophecy. He is an excellent guide for psychic insight.

This full moon had the added energy of a lunar eclipse. The Full moon was at 8.42am and is known as the Pink Moon, falling in Libra.

The energy of this full moon is about completion of the cycle you have been going through. This moon brings wisdom on the next stage of your path and is a good time to consolidate what you have learnt and to move forward with this knowledge being put to use.

  • In this workshop, Aphedia Arara channels Thoth live, takes you on a self realisation exercise to help you consolidate the strong energy shifts at this time (including a DNA change that happened on the 15th April 2015 for humanity) and then channels a guided meditation to assist you on the next stage ahead for you on your journey. You also receive a sacred geometry activation from Thoth.

Channeled Message from Thoth

The planetary alignment and configurations in this moon cycle have an important impact on humanity.

Many of you may be feeling tired, overwrought, confused, drained and lacking motivation and focus at this period. Others will be feeling invigorated, excited and stimulated as if you are raring to go but where you do not yet know.

I offer my wisdom and focus to assist you and by activating a dormant geometric shape in your pineal gland so you will be able to move through the Grand Cross period smoothly and without wobble.

The more you prepare your energy field for the shifts occurring in 2014 the more you will harness the energies and feel buoyant and jubilant.

Consolidation and rest are key after the shifts yet many of you ignore this important aspect and I wish to help you look at why and the underlying beliefs that cause you to plough on regardless of listening to what you as a soul require.

This moon is an opportunity to listen to the silent voice within and my energy supports you in doing this at this time for through listening, self realisation comes in and by passes the ego mind and the entities and negative forces that keep you prisoner in the lower states of vibration.

This year is a year of cleansing, the planetary alignments assist with this but most of you are too caught up in the daily art of living from the mind rather than the heart.

This moon kicks off a period of heart healing, opening and realisation of heart centred consciousness. Many fears, insecurities and doubts will push to the surface for clearing as the DNA healing of humanity occurs and reactivates allowing you all to live and be in the higher vibratory state if you choose so.

I offer my wisdom and service to you as one who has been incarnate during vibratory earth shifts and who holds the higher state of light within my core matrix.

I am Thoth – God of the Light."
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