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Egyptian Goddess Healing Full Moon Workshop

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In this workshop Goddess Isis helps to heal and balance deep buried emotions and heal creative blocks.

In April 2017 the Egyptian Goddess Isis came forth to assist us with our healing journey.

Goddess Isis represents the mother, resurrection and rebirth. And we have come through a period of intense light since the start of this year.

The Full Moon occurred at 7.08 am BST and was in the star sign of Libra. This moon cycle allows you to reflect on what has occurred in the previous three months of this year and the lessons for you to learn.

This is a good moon to start projects and to assist you with self motivation.

  • In this workshop, Alphedia Arara channels Goddess Isis and takes you on an Goddess Isis attunement.
  • She then leads you through a self realisation exercise to look at areas of your life where you can start to be more motivated and bring forth changes that are beneficial for your soul at this time.
  • You are then taken on a guided meditation supported by a sound healing.

Channeled Message from Goddess Isis

Greetings it is with great joy I have this opportunity to communicate with you all on earth, this is a time of exciting changes.

This moon gives you a reprieve, the energies calm, they allow you to balance, to reset and redirect your life's path.

For those of you who have been lacking motivation, direction or will power I will be able to support you in freeing up that stuck energy within your chakra systems, and also to bring in inspiration and guidance through healing of your sexual organs.

Now the womb space for women is of great importance, it is your creative source and any issues or blocks in that area will be stifling your ability to manifest creative inspiration.

For the men, your testes perform the same role.I will also work with you to further integrate and balance the archetypal energies that are playing out in your human existence.

A lot of light workers are unaware of the archetypal energies but I represent the archetypal mother. For many of you mothering issues are coming to the fore,whether you had a mother who was active in your life, whether you had a good relationship with her or not, or whether your mother is still alive.

Or you yourself are a mother also. It does not matter your sex, the mother energies at this time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere also are always very strong.

So we will be balancing out any archetypal energies in healing any past life mothering issues that are affecting you at this time.This energy of this moon cycle will allow you to move into a deeper place of contentment with yourself.

For your ultimate goal as a light worker and soul on Earth is to be an expression of your true soul self. To be, and harness being Divine Love and if there are any areas where you do not Love yourself, this dampens your light.

So I will bring through a mothering, ritual ceremony to assist you also. This will be a very beneficial healing for many of you. Enjoy your time on Earth, Namaste.”
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