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Egyptian Goddess Past Life Karma Workshop

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Goddess Isis came forward to assist us in releasing the past, our past life karma, our past belief conditionings and aiding us to start anew, to start completely afresh.

The full moon occured at 11.08pm on the 3rd of February 2015 and the astrological points of the Celtic Sabbath Imbolc occurred at 3.59am. The full moon combined with Imbolc which is the official start of Spring brings powerful energies up to the surface. The full moon was in Leo and the energies of the full moon were about balancing the inner aspects of the self.

Traditionally Imbolc is associated with the Triple Goddess energies of Brigit. In this full moon workshop we work with the Triple Egyptian Goddess Isis. Now this time of the year is the time of the maiden energies, it is the time of the revival of nature, the return of the sun and it is a period of surgence, it is a period of optimism.

Alphedia Arara channels Goddess Isis and you receive a group attunement to Isis’ energy. You go on a self-realisation exercise where you can focus on what you are letting go of at a soul level as well as at a conscious level and then Goddess Isis leads us all on a channeled guided meditation.

Channeled Message from Goddess Isis

“Greetings to one and all, I am privileged indeed to be able to hold the energies of this full moon on the special evening of Imbolc. The energies of Imbolc will be amplified this year because of the moon being in its fullest power. Imbolc is the time of celebration for the return of the light to the land and in this year, in 2015 it is all about the light from the higher sources returning to the land on Planet Earth.

It is an exciting time to be incarnate for your souls, as you prepare to step into a new paradigm, where past no longer affects you as you move into fifth dimensional consciousness. You let go of old personas, old experiences and also old relationships. This is an exciting time for the way ahead, and for the new light and for you as souls to step truly into your I AM presence divine selves.

Now I am known as the Goddess of the Wonder World often but this is because I aid people in coming through the shadow side, the darker aspect of the self and to learn through that but this month I am going to assist you in clearing out the shadow aspect of yourself, clearing out the pain body, the belief patterning’s and the past life karma. For now you can release instantly. You hold a high enough light quotient within your energy system, in your Ka bodies to do this instantly now. This will be a powerful transformational opportunity for you as the triple Goddess energies that are found within you all, regardless of if you are male or female, so that you are able to be in complete balance and to honour the energies of all the stages of maturity that you as a human are to go through.

I will do an alignment of your core central matrix, a column of light that shines down from the pineal gland, down to the bottom of the coccyx. When this is in complete alignment you will find that worries, issues and concerns drop away as does energy blockages causing ill health. Spinal realignment can occur for those of you who have back problems and pain, this alignment and attunement will be of great benefit to you. I look forward to us working together. Blessed be.”

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