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Elf Beltane Workshop

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The Elves are a secretive race who guard the trees. They use sound and song to heal the trees and the land and connect to you through the heart chakra.

On the Beltane sabbat in May 2014 the Elf Queen came forward to ask for a workshop with her and the Elves in Quothquan forest.

Alphedia Arara took participants into the magical forest on this special day to meet the Elves and the Elf Queen.

  • Alphedia channeled the Elf Queen’s message and recorded a guided meditation and soul healing to assist you in communicating with the elemental / nature spirit realms. journey into the woods to meet the Elvin court

Alphedia has been working with them for four years to assist their race and help their magic to return to the land. Their energy is powerful yet enchanting. It is slightly different to the Faery energy which is more fiery.

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