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Elohim Angel Holographic Field Healing Meditation

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This healing workshop with the Elohim will profoundly shift your holographic matrix, which is the holographic structure that holds your cells in place physically. When this is damaged or out of balance you can be manifesting mental, emotional, physical problems.

The Elohim are a special band of angels who support high vibration souls sent on the Earth’s Mission.

Working with the Elohim in this transmission will increase your intuitive knowledge and support you in letting go of the resistance, even if it is unconscious, of doing this healing work and following the intuition your own internal guide.

As always Alphedia will support this transmission of wisdom by playing the Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, percussion and toning so you’ll be fully immersed with high vibration sound healing also.

No previous experience of working with the Angelic Realm is necessary.

The Angel meditations are incredibly powerful distantly as well as in person and we look forward to inviting you for this deep soul healing experience.

Channeled message from the Elohim

Greetings we are the Elohim Angels of light.

We are high vibrational angels from Source who have been sent to support you all at this time.

Many of you are incarnate Elohim and reconnecting with our energy will be powerful for you indeed.

In this healing transmission we wish to work on your holographic matrixes.

We wish to work on refining any areas holographically that are out of balance.

We wish to bring through high frequency light from Source which will not only upgrade your body’s strength and system functionality but will also shift stagnant energy blocks.

We work through sound codes and we will be increasing your vibratory holographic matrix speed.

As you move further in to the Photon Light Belt as a planet, you will start to be able to access exalted states of bliss – this will remind you of home.

This will help support you in moving out of the density of third dimensionality on Earth.

In this healing transmission we will be working with our high frequency light sound on removing from you energies which are causing you stress; physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual stress.

As we do this deep work we will be working on the third eye chakra, in particular the pineal gland. Allowing it to imbue itself with the higher light codes available.

Many of your pineal glands hold resistance frequency because of Anunaki programming placed into you and this is ready now to be dispersed to bring you back into alignment with your true Divinity within.

As always with any powerful transmission from us we are offering you a template holographic upgrade.

Those who are ready to receive this will hear the call to working with us again.

We will be working with the frequency crystal Phenacite, one of the highest vibration crystals available on the planet.

And we will be supporting you in letting go of outmoded ways of being.

The energy of this month is all about the internal change.

As a lightworker are you ready to make the internal changes necessary? to fully embrace and maximise your potential here on Earth as a soul of light in your own personal inner ascension?

Thousands are flocking to Earth every day to have this opportunity to clear the past karma to release the outmoded conditioning and to holographically be in true alignment with your higher Source self.

It is a great honour for us to offer you this opportunity. Adoni.”
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