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Elohim Angels Soul Balance & Nurture Workshop

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This month is a good one to BE with yourself. To get to know the soul who you are and how to feel the soul joy and bliss of your true nature.

Join Alphedia Arara to harness the energies of this Super New Moon in Libra.

The energies of this moon are all about bringing oneself back into balance in all areas of your life; soul balance and nurture.

The energies of this moon are also about allowing yourself to receive what helps your soul feel happy, nurtured and fulfilled.

  • In this workshop transmission Alphedia brings through a meditation to connect with Archangel Metatron the Angel of Ascension and the Moon Goddess to help you connect your energy with this moon cycle and receive wisdom of what this new moon’s energies can help you with.
  • You receive a ten minute Ascension Sphere Attunement healing to the balancing Libra new moon energies which prepares you for the beautiful half an hour channeled meditation with the the high vibration Elohim Angels of Light and Archangel Metatron.

In this meditation you travel to an Elohim temple that is open to the night sky. Thirteen Elohim Angels take you on a healing journey, providing wisdom and support for your soul.

You meet Archangel Metatron who has a set of magical scales as you walk towards them then show you if you are about of balance within the masculine or feminine aspect of yourself.

The Elohim them work energetically on your holographic matrix bringing you back into balance and showing you who, what or why you had been holding this imbalance within.

You then receive a white feather of wisdom from Metatron from your soul and the Elohim place you on a healing bed and work on balancing your chakras and energy bodies.

They support you giving you wisdom on what helps your soul to feel nurtured and fulfilled as well as guidance on vibrations you are holding you are ready to release in this new moon cycle.

They support you in singing your soul song to you and Metatron gives you a cloak that is your soul vibration colours to help you feel nurtured and fulfilled.

You are shown any conditioning that you have the opportunity to release and any ego blocks holding you back as well as the crystal to work with to help you.

Throughout this nurturing, healing meditation your soul is bathed in the channeled sounds of the Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, the elemental chimes, rainstick and percussion to make this a truly soul immersive experience.

At the end Auraengus Manu brings through a 15 minute gong bath from his stunning Universal Gong that helps your soul harness the Super New Moon in Libra energies moving your forward on your path to full 5th dimensional living.

This workshop also includes the Metatron monthly report and invocation recording channeled by Alphedia Arara.

Soul Balance & Nurture - Metatron's Monthly Ascension Report

This is free to listen to and share on this link


Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Archangel Metatron.

The energies that have been heralded in with this New Moon in Libra are supporting everybody as they transition into the integration of the Resurrection Codes released at the Equinox.

All souls are on a journey moving towards higher states of consciousness.

There is enough light now on Planet Earth within Humanity to pull forth all of Humanity out of the inverted matrix of 3rd dimensional reality illusion.

Those souls who are pioneering this inner Resurrection process by consciously choosing to move into a 5th dimensional state of being, thus bringing forth the codes of love, non judgment, peace, acceptance, joy and awakening to the knowledge, understanding and truth of their talents as a soul are bringing people forth into this place of Oneness.

Now the energies of the Libra New Moon are, by the nature of Libra, about bringing oneself back into balance.

The process Humanity has gone through over the last 30 years has been that of working. Working for the change, working spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally to come back into balance and now the scales are tipping, tipping into this place of self nurture.

Many souls struggle with self nurture, still caught in this process of grappling to achieve.

The energies of this moon are about allowing yourself to receive, to receive what helps your soul to feel happy, fulfilled and nurtured.

Many of you may be becoming frustrated with how your life is at the moment. The energies seem to be sticking for you.

Others of you may have processed through the start of the resurrection process and are feeling more settled in your Human body form.

Wherever you are on your journey at this time, know that this moon's energy and this months energy are leading you to this place where change cannot be fought, change must be accepted and heralded in with joy and delight it is only the ego that holds on to the old patterned ways of being. The resistance that causes the inner fight.

This moon is allowing you to surrender. It is allowing you to be.

So take time this month to be with yourself, to get to know the soul that you are.

To be aware of what delights you, what excites you, what makes your soul feel alive and glad to be on this Earth walk experience.

Know that this moon is uplifting for those who choose to surrender the ego resistance, to bring in the joy, to bring in the happiness to bring in the light.

This month I give you an invocation to process these shifts. Say this daily and you will notice transformational change that occurs in your life.

I Archangel Metatron, the Angel of Ascension, am taking on this role of coming to work with you.

Aiding you in your being-ness. I am offering my services, my knowledge, my understanding to help you move into this still place.

This Super New Moon in Libra is your ally and its cycle continues for the next 28 days. Utilise it as you ally also.

Here is this month's invocation, and the invocations are relevant at any time.

For as souls you are processing different stages, so whenever you feel the call to read any of my invocations, know you are being guided to do this now. Adoni."

Invocation prayer

I call upon the presence of Archangel Metatron to support me at this time.

I willingly surrender ego resistance from my being. I am ready to harness the Resurrection Codes.

I am ready to resurrect into this place of inner stillness, joy, nurture, acceptance and to be the frequency I am capable of and came to be on Earth.

I ask for your assistance in helping me through this movement to a place of inner contentment, clear understanding and to show me the way ahead as I process, as I willingly change my experience thus far on Earth.

I am ready to come into Oneness with all through nurture and love. Namaste."

So once you have said the invocation, sit for a moment, consciously connect with the energy of Archangel Metatron closing your eyes and allow your energy to still, taking your awareness into the heart centre.

As you do this you ask to see, feel, know or hear what changes in your life would be beneficial for your highest and best.

And just silently meditate to see what wisdom Archangel Metatron brings forth for you.

You can say this invocation every day in order to bring you into this place of soul fulfillment.

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