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Elohim Angels of Light Angel Meditation

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The Elohim Angels of Light step forward to offer us a powerful and nurturing soul healing experience.

Alphedia starts the workshop with a live channeling from the Angelic realm and leads you then on a full hour’s guided meditation to bring you support and inner transformation, nurturing and love from the Angelic realm.

Channeling From The Elohim

Greetings we come forth from the Realm of the Elohim Angels of Light. We are the highest vibration of the Angelic order. We are coming through as many are ready now to connect with their Elohim guides and to activate the Elohim part of the Angelic realm held deep within.

As the Elohim we hold high frequency light which is encoded with love and divine blessings. For many on Earth the energies have been challenging at this time and we offer you this hour’s healing meditation as a balm to your soul, to bring in soothing, nurturing and supportive energies for you on your soul journey.

We wish to work particularly with you on the cleansing of your meridian systems and the strengthening of your central nervous system. Now your central nervous systems on Earth are struggling because of your exposure to the new high frequency light which is descending on the planet.

But also the interference from WiFi, Electromagnetic frequencies from your televisions, computers and mobile phones, bluetooth. The environment that many of you work within, even live within is harsh on your soul.

We wish to offer you in this meditation opportunity for your soul to be supported. To be healed and to be released from any tension and stress. Connecting in with our energy is like connecting to a soothing shower of light that sends you into a state of bliss.

We will channel through encoded sound chants and frequencies. We will support your soul in a comprehensive healing. This meditation will awaken you to how you can feel once you have let go of your needs and drivers that your programmed with with your mental body.

This healing journey will allow you the opportunity to connect back to the true essence of your being. It will allow you to see beyond the illusion of the persona of who you are.

As we will support you in a slowing down of the mental whirr your mind creates we will provide a time out space that you can return to any time you feel overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Know that by returning to the truth of your essence this will give you clarity and an understanding and a security about who you are and where is next for you. Allow yourself this opportunity to be nurtured by us the Elohim.

It brings us great joy to be of service.Know this work you do is important for you and humanity and the galaxy as a whole. You are held all in deep appreciation. Namaste”.
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