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Elves Full Moon Workshop

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The Elves are an important race and are particularly concerned with the deforestation that is taking place on planet earth just now.

During the July 2016 full moon Alphedia Arara was asked to bring forward the energy of the Elves.

The Elf race is very ancient and very wise. The Elves are the guardians of the trees and the roots. They are similar to the Fairy race in that there are Elemental Elves and there are Royal Court Elves.

The Royal Court Elves came forward to assist us with the energies of this full moon and also to call out to the humans to reestablish a connection with the Elfin Kingdom.

This full moon was the full moon in Capricorn which is the sign of the earth element. This full moon's energies were all about courage and renewal of strength and the Elfin Kingdom seeks to make connection to the souls that were one time Ancient Druids. For the Druids of the Celtic and Nordic lands had very strong connections with the Elf Magik.

Through this workshop the elves will be helping reestablish their connection with you, to impart healing from the Elfin Kingdom and to open you up more fully to connection with the Elemental Realms.

The Elves will be aiding you with reestablishing a connection to the trees and also aiding you with your breath. Many of us at this time do not use the power of our breath. For healing, for manifestation and for spiritual channeling. As well as activation of the sexual energy centre, the kundalini.

  • As usual with these popular full moon workshops Alphedia Arara channels the elves live to bring forward their message for humanity.
  • She takes you on a self realisation exercise to look at your beliefs in deepening your connection in the Elemental realms in particular the Elves.
  • You also go on a healing channeled guided meditation with the Elf kingdom.

Alphedia brings through personal messages from the Elf King and Queen. The Elves are an important race and are particularly concerned with the deforestation that is taking place on planet earth just now. If you hear the call of the elves and the trees then this full moon will be a powerful one for you.

Channeled Message from the Elves

“Greetings, we have been waiting patiently for our time to lead a session with you.

As the planetary alignment configures in our favour for this full moon we are delighted to be able to facilitate this deepening of connection between the human and the Elfin realms.

How many of you like to walk in the trees, to feel the peace if you are in the forest? For then it is likely that the elves are trying to connect with you.

We are an ancient and a magical race and we hold great earth energy healing. If you are an earth worker and part of your mission is to help Gaia Mother Earth to heal and to balance then it is important for you to reestablish a connection with the Elfin kingdom.

For many of you have been Druids in a past life and are now ready to reactivate and reclaim your ancient Druid wisdom. And maybe some of you are just curious about reestablishing a connection with the elementals and ourselves.

We welcome you.

For it is important that more people become conscious of their environment. Protecting it, particularly protecting the tree species. And it is through protecting the trees that we are able to dance and breath and to exist on earth.

We wish to help you heal. For we have been wise observers of the astronomical changes that are occurring on planet earth.

We can feel Mother Earth's Gaia song changing as we Elves hold a particular song for the forests. By helping us strengthen our song, you will help us to reforest planet earth.

Help us change the consciousness of governments, big businesses and of humanity itself. To see the importance of the tree species on planet earth.

As a thank you for doing this for us we will help you activate your crown chakra more fully. And give you gifts from the Elfin realm to help you in your Ascension process.

We elves love the times of the full moons. Similar to the fairies we gather in ancient Royal Courts. To trade, to trade magic healing tools and to manifest and celebrate. This moon is a celebration of all the hard work you have done up to this point at this time of year.

We offer to help you balance and become more centred and connected to the energies of Mother Earth. Blessings Be, Blessings Be."
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