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Embrace Your Authentic Self : Sirian, Lyran & Orion Star Beings

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Sunday the 8th of August

2.00pm to 4.00pm BST 2021

Live on Vimeo Video from Glenholm, Merlindale Scotland

Uk £48 incVat; Rest Of World £40

Alphedia Arara and Aurengus Manu invite you to celebrate this New Moon in Leo on this auspicious date: the peak of the Lions Gate Galactic Portal opening.

The New Moon occurs at 2.50 pm BST and you will have the opportunity to join Alphedia and Aurengus live with the star beings to honour this potent energy.

The Lions Gate coincides with the return of the star Sirius to the sky and heralds in the Planetary New Year.

The energies of this powerful New Moon portal are about us fully harnessing, embracing and awakening our authentic multidimensional self.

This means we are moving out of the limited false matrix energy and remembering and acknowledging and awakening the multidimensional galactic soul self within.

This process allows us to see life from different perspectives.

To be more intuitively open and aware to receive psychic information.

To remember the greater purpose of our earth experience, why we have incarnated and the next stage to create.

In this New Moon workshop Alphedia will be channelling a powerful live transmission from the Orion, Sirian and Lyra Star Beings.

This will not only support you in upgrading your cellular physical matrix but also upgrade you in remembering who you are at a deep soul level.

This process began in December 2020 and now as the Lions Gate opens you are able to harness, though this massive upgrade to your chakra system and to your DNA, the embracement of the New Earth Template which has been birthed.

What this transmission from the star beings will help you do, is aid you in gaining confidence, in remembering and feeling and knowing you are a Divine spiritual being.

Who can overcome any challenges, having a clear way of navigating and also in having a clear understanding of the vastness of your souls, of which this part is physically incarnate here on Earth at this time.

You are remembering not only your individual purpose but the collective purpose of this Ascension Process, for you are here to learn, to grow, to heal, to awaken.

This will be a powerful refinement of your energy field, this will assist you in overcoming challenges that you may have been facing.

And aid you into the empowered awakened self, all seeing, all knowing, all understanding and feeling.

As you increase your vibrational frequency , you increase your sensitivity and throughout this transmission you will be supported with Alphedias live channelings, guided meditations and attunements, and by Auraengus Manu’s gong healing.

This will support your soul, in kick starting the embracement of the awakened self, letting the old template disappear from you in order so the new can rebirth.

This workshop will include:

An invocation prayer,

A guided meditation to tune into the 8-8 portal,

Connecting at the New Moon moment,

Receiving an Ascension Sphere attunement to the Star Beings to help prepare your energies

As well as the live transmission and gong bath.

As always there will be sound healing and light language activations.

Channelled Message from the Star Beings

“Greetings, Greetings, Greetings,

my name is Aranta, I am an Orion Star Being healer.

I have joined forces with the Lyrans and the Sirians, who have come with their expertise, having been through light ascension themselves.

The reason we Orions are coming forward to you at this time is to share a new healing technology, multidimensional, to assist you in this embracing of the authentic soul with ease.

You have been programmed in the past, through the fear of the slavery matrix and the false inverted matrix, to be under the illusion that you must serve under a master.

But as you embrace your authentic self you realise you are the Master Soul.

We will be taking you to a temple on Sirius which has been created with the soul mastery codes of the New Earth Template.

This has been created for you to study in at night as you sleep and to visit there for healing.

You are being asked to allow this opportunity to really embrace the beauty of who you are.

To embrace the knowledge that your soul has and to learn how embracing your authentic self will improve your life quality whilst in the physical realm.

You have this opportunity of deep, deep, soul healing as we bring through crystalline light code rays.

To help your body with the crystallisation process that all of humanity is going through, yet some are struggling with the changes greater than others.

Know that you are all loved, supported at all times and greatly admired for being the pioneers to experience this.

This will be a vast upgrade to your system, 200% more light can be embodied and this will amplify your manifestations and your creations.

Know that as you honour this new self, as you embrace the new light flooding through at the 8-8 portal, you remember the Mastery within.

Adoni “

We hope that you are able to join us for this very special New Moon 8 – 8 workshop that really will set you up as souls, not just in this life but the future lives to come as you embrace the mastery you are.

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