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Equinox Balance Gong Bath and Dragon Skull Healing

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Live on Vimeo Video and Recording after

Wednesday 20th March 2024 (Equinox Day)

9pm - 10.15pm GMT uk time

£20 or £24 inc Vat in UK

Please note -This session is included free if you are on the Equinox Retreat

Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu to celebrate this Equinox with an extra special Dragon skull healing and a gong bath to harness the new sound codes coming through from the Universe.

The Equinox is the time of balance with the hours of darkness and light being equal.

This is a time to reflect on balance in your life.

It is easy for us to come out of balance in this very busy fast paced world that has been created for humanity on Earth.

With modern technology we are expected to be able to do more, faster and to be available to all at the push of a button.

This Equinox is about reconnecting with Nature.

Getting back to your true soul essence and and returning to balance within.

During the Dragon skull healing Iinka will be working on highlighting to you where you are out of balance in your life.

How to bring in more of what you enjoy and love about your life on Earth and shift any blocks you have in creating that reality of the life of your dreams.

As a Clear Quartz dragon skull she is an amplifier and the Equinox portal is a time of great change of frequency on Earth.

She will help you to enhance your psychic abilities and to strengthen your gifts to make it easier for you to receive spiritual guidance from the higher light beings.

The Gong will be played by Auraengus Manu and as well as being a deeply relaxing experience, through the sound codes you will receive the new light codes he channels through from Mother Earth to set you up refreshed for this next astrological stage.

Usually the Dragon skull healings do not come with a live video but this time you will be able to watch Iinka live as she works on you energetically.

We will start with the Live Gong bath so get yourself comfortable and cosy to let yourself surrender into the blissful experience of the gong sounds as you journey on their celestial waves of light.

Then Alphedia will set you up with Iinka activating her with channelled live light language and she will then begin her healing journey.

The stages of this healing will be:

First part Iinka will focus on deep healing what ever your souls asks for this Equinox.

Then she will work on transforming stuck energies that are causing your life to be out of balance.

This may be on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

The last section she will work on bringing in the Equinox 2024 codes your soul is seeking to access to create a balanced, connected, abundance, soulful and happy year for you.

Channeled Message from Iinka

"Dear ones of the light I am honoured to hold space for you this equinox period.

So much transformation, so much light, so much connection with Mother Earth is becoming available to you now.

You are ready to return to balance, to reconnect with your elemental guides and the nature realms and to receive deep healing for your soul at this time of year.

Know you are supported and guided each step of the way in your life you listen and connect.

The Animals, plants and flowers all have messages for you.

Mother Earth has messages for you and give them daily along with her powerful loving heart.

Know you are ready and deserve to be soothed and healed at this special time.


As always Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu will be holding the space to connect in each and every one of you who wishes to part of this transmission to the consciousness of Iinka.

There will be a video and audio recording of this session of healing.

It is happening in the multidimensional universal form of consciousness.

Your name will be placed under Iinka and called in by Alphedia at the start of this transmission.

It is advised that you drink plenty of water before and after this transmission.

If you are active during it and unable to meditate, then take time when you are able to meditate to connect with Iinka and ask to integrate all the healing work that has been done on you and it will be so.

You may wish to print out a photograph of Iinka and place this under your pillow/chair whilst you meditate or carry it with you if you are going about your daily business at this time.

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