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Essential Sirian Interference Protection Transmission

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"We wish to place a protective shield around you all that we have been developing for thousands of years and now we feel it is ready for Humanity to experience."

This New Moon Alphedia Arara has been guided to offer a transmission of healing from the Sirians. The Sirians are coming forward to help us harness the energies of this New Moon in Pisces, the Water sign, which occured at 15.32 GMT.

This New Moon is heralding in the frequencies to help us believe in ourselves, to help us see and feel worthy of our spiritual gifts and talents.

The Sirians are wishing to support us all in being free of the veils separating us from our own inner Divinity. They are offering us this transmission to help us reconnect fully to the Source Light within.

They wish to deactivate us from illusions that are stopping us really, truly, believing in ourselves and our missions and knowing clearly steps to take on the path ahead.

They are supporting us in stepping out of our comfort zones, stepping out of our pains and building confidence, self-acknowledgment and an understanding of our importance and the role we are playing on Earth.

As always with the New Moon transmissions, Alpedia channels the Sirians live and brings forward a healing meditation transmission direct from them so that we can fully anchor and utilise this New Moon portal supporting us as lightworkers dedicated to the Ascension Path.

Not only does Alphedia channel words but she also channels frequencies through her sound instruments also. This workshop also includes the monthly New Moon Gong Bath channeled by Auraengus Manu that brings through the codes and frequencies to support you through this cycle.

Channeled Message from the Sirians

Greetings, greetings, greetings Dear Ones. We are the Sirian High Council assigned to Planetary Ascension of Earth.

You are all going through inner metamorphosis as you integrate the New Earth Templates and as you integrate the New Earth Templates this is bringing challenges for many of you, whether it be physically, whether it be energetically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.

But it is how you choose to deal with these presentations of obstacles that makes the difference. If you truly believe in your capacity to self heal, if you truly believe in your power to be on the path that your soul came to do and you soul’s mission, then you will transform with ease through the changes.

We see many of you are still limited, limited by conditioning, past life karma, unable to process and limited by a powerlessness that is being transmitted towards Humanity at this time by the third world order, you may call as the Illuminati. Be under no estimation of what the illuminati are up to as they are trying to deactivate and destabilise Lightworkers at this time.

We wish to place a protective shield around you all that we have been developing for thousands of years and now we feel it is ready for Humanity to experience in order to allow you to step through the 5th Dimensional Gateway of Light.

This is allowing you to move to a place of safety and security energetically on Earth. Know that we will deactivate any programmings, any matrixes and any miasms that you are trapped within with regards to the illuminati third world order.

Know that we are very honoured to do this psychic surgery soul work upon you all in this transmission for they know that the greatest power each individual soul has is to believe in their mission, is to believe in themselves and is to believe in connection with Divine Source.

So this is what we will do in this transmission to aid you all and bring forward messages of wisdom for your souls to understand the undertaking that your soul is experiencing and the way forward with this.

Know dear ones that we do this in honour, joy and love.

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