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Ether Dragons Transmission - Balancing Ether Within

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The dragons assist you in becoming aware of the space within the physical body - Ether. They help you to balance the Ether element within which brings stability to your Earth walk which is vitally important.

Continuing on with the series of Elemental Dragon workshops, Alphedia Arara has met a new group of dragons to her, known as the Ether Dragons.

In the Ayurvedic system, the body is comprised of the five elements of nature, Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Ether

These Ether dragons, also known as the dragons of Space, or the dragons of the Void, are coming forward to support us at this time on healing the space within.

As we fast track forward in this Ascension Process, the increased vibratory speed of the Earth and the pace of life in the modern world often means that the Ether element within is becoming unbalanced.

When you are out of balance within the Ether element the mental body mind overactivates, the physical body ungrounds, the emotional body disconnects and the fire body is unable to ignite.

In this transmission:

  • Alphedia Arara channels the Ether Dragons
  • You receive an ether dragon ascension sphere attunement
  • You go on a powerful healing guided meditation with the element of ether and the Ether Dragons.
  • You then work with a six inch clear quartz dragon skull connected with the ether element. This will take you into the voidal space, allowing your soul rest, recuperation and the opportunity to experience the zero point space within.

This will give you the opportunity for deep understanding of your soul and how you can move forward in balanced harmony on to the next stage of your soul journey.

As always, Alphedia Arara supports the healing experience through playing the crystal singing bowls, the drums, percussion, to immerse you in deep sound healing opportunity.

Channeled message from the Ether Dragons

Greetings, greetings, greetings,

We are the Dragons of Ether, we are present within all the elements and yet unless activated by the other elemental forces, we are in a static state of being.

We see many light workers at this time struggling because the importance of space, the importance of the stillness of the Void is unrecognised in human consciousness for a large part.

Balancing the Ether element in to bring stability to your Earth walk is vitally important and we are very honoured indeed to come through with this opportunity of deep soul awakening.

We will assist you in becoming aware of the space within the physical body.

We will do a deep cleansing of any dark energies, any off world implants that like to inhabit the space within the physical self and those unconscious of the ether element.

We will take you to this place of nothingness and all-ness.

This will be a transmission to deeply refresh your soul, to help your soul become revitalised and balanced.

Know that we are loving Dragons and look forward to this deep healing sacred work with you.

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