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Faery Magick Summer Solstice

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The Summer Solstice is an important time of year for the Faery Kingdom when the veil between the human world and Elemental world is at its thinnest making it easier to see and communicate with them.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara celebrates the Summer Solstice of 2013 with the Sidhe (the magickal Faeries). These elusive beings invited us to visit them and make contact at a secret Faery Knowe.

  • Alphedia teaches you about the Sidhe (pronounced Shee) and the difference between them and the elemental Fairies as well as the etiquette for communicating with them. You go on a guided meditation to attune your energy system to their vibration and to open your chakras.
  • We visit the Faery Knowe and Alphedia teaches you how to spot the portal into the Faery world and how to enter into Faery land and you go and meet the Sidhe.

This is a rare opportunity that the Sidhe are offering to humans at this time as they wish to work with humanity again and those souls who have worked with them before.

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