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Faery Queen Morgana Le Fay & the Ravens Workshop

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For those who are ready to work with the Dark Goddess, Morgana Le Fay helps you to process your shadow side, assisted by the Ravens who carry the codes to heal Rejection, Resentment and Resistance.

Alphedia Arara invites you to take part in a powerfully healing workshop with Faery Queen Morgana Le Fay and the Raven Consciousness. Alphedia has been working with Morgana since 2008.

She has also had powerful healings from Morgana Le Fay whilst sleeping on Glastonbury Tor to clear her of a spinal tumour and brain tumour. Alphedia therefore can vouch for the powerful healing that Morgana and the Faery Realm, through her, can offer when one is willing to work on the shadow aspect of the self.

Many do not acknowledge the shadow self, some fear it, but now there is no time to hold these beliefs in place anymore.

Morgana wishes to support us with powerful magical initiations, healings and meditations to catapult us on to our next stage whilst the veils are thin between the realms aiding us in connecting more fully to the Natural Realm and Mother Earth, our home who offers us nurture, love and healing light daily.

Morgana Le Fay is a powerful ally for those who are ready to work at this deep level of inner transformation.

As always the faery workshops can bring in great change through their powers of manifestation and Morgana will be working to clear the blocks in the way of your manifestations to help you at this stage in your ascension process journey.

Alphedia will support your healing experience through sound healing with singing bowls, chimes, drum and percussion, as well as toning.

This will allow you to connect more deeply into Mother Earth to be able to hear her loving guidance for you, as do the faeries support you on the next stage of your journey.

Channeled Message from Morgana Le Fay

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Morgana Le Fay, Queen of the Faeries, Sorceress and Elemental Magic Magician.

Many of you have been hearing my call from the land and I come forth now from my home in Avalon to awaken the faery initiates within you all.

There comes a time when the veils are thin like now when you’re all ready to explore the darker aspect, the Dark Goddess within.

Whether you are male or female you all carry an aspect of this archetypal energy.

Some of you may see this as the Crone energy in the Triple Goddess but you all can recognise within yourself the part you keep hidden from the light.

Now, the land is increasing in its vibration she is starting to shine a light into these dark crevasses within your soul.

She is helping you to process shame, anger, envy, jealousy, fear, in order that you can transform fully into the light.

Now we faeries have our shadow self too and we work to show you the shadow within you.

It is not to be feared this shadow aspect, it is to be honoured and acknowledged for what it has taught you through your incarnations on Earth and beyond.

I Morgana have been through the Triple Initiation and as you birth out of this shadow side, rebirthing into the light, we faeries are here to support you with our Divine alchemy wisdom and guidance to help you reactivate your inner magic, to reactivate the enchantment, the wonder and awe that the natural world is here to invoke within all those who live within it.

Some of you may be feeling disconnected from the Nature Realms just now.

Some of you may be feeling like there is some resistance to the Earth changes which cannot be stopped at this stage.

Know that I Morgana am here as a loving support to reawaken the enchantment of life and the natural world of which Humanity are a very important aspect of.

With you all I am working with my faithful Raven companion. His name is Sourara.

He is going to work with you, with the Raven Consciousness for many of you are starting to remember your training as Earth Magicians and the important role that the Raven Consciousness plays around the world.

The ravens carry the codes to heal Rejection, Resentment And Resistance. The three ‘R’s’. Now these are aspects of the shadow self. They are coming up strongly for you consciously and unconsciously at this time of change.

The Raven will come through to pierce with its beak the veils that have held you in these places subconsciously as your soul transforms itself into the higher light aspects.

Through powerful initations, visualisations and guided meditations, we will support you on this inner journey of alchemy in the magical realms of nature.

Know that the crystalline Raven skulls collective will also bring through the crystalline codes of light to work on your bone structures.

Many of you are experiencing aches and pains in muscles and bones. This is due to the crystallisation process and the resistance at some deep level by the ego to allow this process to occur.

This will be a powerfully healing workshop for all that hear the call of the Magical Realms.

It is with great honour and joy that I at last come forth to start you on your journey of Faery Magic to aid you in your ascension work at this time.



"I was apprehensive about doing this Workshop whilst going through negative stuff at home. I need not have worried as I was supported by Morgana and the Fae in unexpected ways! It helped me come to terms with the fact that our transformation work is ongoing, especially when the going gets tough." Geni, UK

"Thank you very much for my Morgana message. Very powerful for me and has definitely highlighted areas I need to work on and given me a lot to feel into, my message today was beautiful." Zane, USA

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