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Fairies and Elementals Full Moon Workshop

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Alphedia Arara was asked to celebrate the Solstice Full Moon, which occurred at 9:30am BST on Monday 17th June, at the Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye.

This is a magical island off the West Coast of Scotland, full of folklore tales and fairy energy. This full moon in Sagittarius helps us to connect more deeply to the unseen realms.

The Fairies and the Elementals are the Guardians of the Earth and they are calling out to support the Earth Healers in this build up to the Solstice energies.

As always Alphedia Arara channels their wisdom offering.

This workshop is split into two parts; the actual workshop took place on Thursday 13th June at the Glenholm Spiritual Centre and the Full Moon activation took place on Monday 17th May on the Isle of Skye.

In the first part of the workshop Alphedia channels live the Fairies and the Elemental consciousness.

She supports you through a self realisation exercise to look at what healing your soul at this time is requiring to help you be honest about any disconnection from your Guardian Elementals and you will receive a Guardian Fairy Elemental ascension sphere attunement.

By building up and deepening a greater connection with your Guardian Elemental and Fairy guides you start to work more closely with your own Body Elemental Consciousness.

In the guided meditation Alphedia channels the healing that the Fairies and Elementals wish to bring through for you and also support you in more clearly connecting with your Body Elemental. This is the elemental aspect of yourself that is in you.

At the full moon moment Alphedia called in everybody’s energy (as well as those taking part at a later date) to the sacred Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye on 17th June for the second part of the workshop.

This Glen is a portal through to the Sidhe Fairies and the Tuatha De Danann, the Fairy consciousness that lived on Earth after the collapse of Atlantis.

These Atlantean fairies, the Tuatha De Danann, bring through an activation attunement for you to awaken the consciousness of your Body Elemental through the template of the Golden Atlantean Epoch.

This prepares you for the shifts that occur on Earth at the solstice point of this year.

As always Alphedia channels through the Tibetan singing bowls, percussion, drum and the crystal singing bowls to enhance your healing experience.

This gives you an opportunity to get to know better the Elemental aspect within you and your Guardian Elemental guides.

Channeled Message from the Elementals

Greetings, greetings, greetings, we are the consciousness of the Elemental Realms we come in our many varied forms to connect with each one of you.

Gaia will be going through a further upgrade in her Earth template on 21st June 2019.

For many of you this is an opportunity to go through Stargate Ascension. It will allow you to become more psychically in tune with the natural world you are living within.

In this healing moon energy we will be helping you return to full psychic consciousness. The Elemental Consciousness resides within you.

The Elemental Consciousness is that of love and joy and we see that many of you are struggling with those two vibrations internally at this time.

Anything that is unloving in your life, anything that is unjoyful is now ready to be let go of, healed and transformed. We wish to do this with you to establish within you a deeper connection with your body elemental, a deeper knowing of who you are whilst you are in physical form.

There will be an opportunity to process out of you shock that is still residing within many from the catastrophism and the collapse of the Atlantean epoch.

This moon’s energy is all about seeing what has been unseen so far.

Many of you are aware that you have Guardian Elementals with you and they wish to establish a deeper connection and for you to find out your main Elemental Guardian who will support you through the Solstice transition.

We are preparing the work for a new consciousness of Elementals and Nature Spirits to come forth onto Earth again and we are calling out to those souls who are Earth Healers to do this work on themselves so that they can activate the dormant portals in the land and the sea that require to be awakened.

Know that this is a transformative moon process and great shifts will occur for you, deep healing is assured.

In our love and joy, blessed be.”
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