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Fairy Healing Workshop

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The Elemental Fairies are powerful healers and are wishing to work with humans at this time to help us open up our sixth sense so we can communicate with them easily and so they can teach us some of their healing secrets.

In this exciting workshop led by Fairy Communicator and Author Alphedia Arara you learn how to bring the Fairies into your life to assist with healing.

Fairy Healing can be used to help strengthen the Fairies’s energy to help plants and flowers grow, assist animals, trees, children and adults. The Fairies use Alphedia in this workshop as their voice and channel through her guided meditations to connect you with your guardian Fairy and to open your chakras so you are more in tune with Fairy energy.

  • You learn about energy vibrations within the body and how if they become blocked ill health and pain can manifest and how using fairy crystal wands can help shift these blockages.
  • You learn how to use crystal wands to focus your intent and for psychic protection.
  • Alphedia also teaches you about your body elemental and how working with it can aid healing.
  • As part of the course you learn how different flowers have different healing properties and by calling in the flower energy they can assist in healing.
  • The Fairies also teach you how to receive Fairy Healing when you are asleep and how to connect with other’s Fairy guides to receive healing wisdom and knowledge from them.
  • Alphedia also takes you on a Fairy Ascension Sphere attunement and meditation to raise your vibration and to connect you more to the Fairy realm.
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