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Fairy Queen Maeve Full Moon Workshop

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Work with Faery Queen Maeve in this workshop for manifestation and to increase your energy vibration.

Faery Queen Maeve was Alphedia Arara's main guide in writing her first book “Messages from Natures Guardians”.

The Full Moon took place at 4:54am in the morning of January the 5th and was in the star sign of Cancer and the energies of this moon are all about renewal, recuperation and consolidation.

In this workshop Fairy Queen Maeve teaches you some manifestation techniques and takes you on a manifestation ritual to allow your higher self to work through you and to help you create plans for the coming year in manifesting what it is that you as a soul wish to co-create.

This is an opportunity for you to put energy into any manifestations and Faery Queen Maeve assists you in clearing away any blocks and doubts that are stopping you bringing instantly into manifestation that which is in divine accord.

  • Alphedia starts the workshop with a channeling from Faery Queen Maeve and then you go on a self-realisation meditation with Maeve to help find out what it is your soul is trying to communicate with you for the year ahead and at this time.
  • She then takes you on a manifestation ritual using crystals and teaches you how to do this as well as taking you on a channeled guided mediation to connect you with the moon energies and also to bring through healing and wisdom.

No previous experience of working with fairies or in meditation is required.

Channeled Message from Fairy Queen Maeve

Greetings I thank you for allowing me to come forward to guide you at this moon cycle.

As many of you will know I am an expert manifester as all faeries are and I wish to aid you in learning the art of Divine manifestation and learning how to work with the moon cycles to harness the manifestation powers of the moon.

I will teach you about the crystals that you can use to aid with manifestation and also make you aware of the blocks that can be stopping your manifestations becoming a reality.

In the guided meditation my voice will channel through the tones and the frequencies that you require to carry to harness the energies of 2015 to their fullest and to allow you to increase in energy vibration so that you become more aware of the Fairy Realm and it becomes easier for you to connect with us and to work with us.

It is an honour and it is a privilege to connect with those humans who believe in the faeries and and who are here as Earth keepers and lightworkers.

This workshop will allow you to be set free from lower dimensional conditioning that has dogged you up this point and will also allow you to harness the energies of this coming year.

As you increase in energy vibration you increase in consciousness and you remember about the other realms, you remember your connection with them and we faeries are calling out to humanity at this time to assist us in the work that we are here to do. Blessed be dear ones, Blessed be.”
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