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Fairy Queens Mabon Abundance Healing Workshop

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“Know you are being supported at this time by many members of the Fairy kingdom who wish to see you thrive, to shine your light bright and to aid others in connecting with the Fairy kingdom also.”

Journey with Alphedia Arara into the magical realm of the Fairy Queens this Celtic Sabbat of Mabon. Traditionally this Sabbat is celebrated around 21st September each year to honour the abundance of the harvest.

It coincides with the still point moment of the Autumn Equinox when the hours of darkness are equal to the hours of light - the balance point.

The energies of Mabon are a time to reap what you have sown. To call the abundance to you and to receive it with ease and grace.

It is also a time to bring balance into your life and to celebrate the uniqueness of your own gifts and talents. To harness the abundance from the land around and bring those frequencies into your life. Whether it is an abundance of love, health, money, creativity, happiness.

In this workshop transmission Alphedia Arara was asked to channel three Fairy Queens who wish to help us celebrate with their healing wisdom and light the Mabon harvest energies.

You have the opportunity to release blocks, to acknowledge your inner talents and gifts and to receive gifts, codes of abundance, wisdom and deep healing.

In the workshop Alphedia channels live from the Irish Fairy Queens Oonagh, Maeve and Aine. These three beautiful Fairies have powerful healing skills and wisdom to share.

  • In this 2 hour transmission you will receive an invocation and guided meditation to connect with the Fairy Queens and receive information, an auric clearing and set your intention.
  • Channeled Messages of Wisdom from Fairy Queen Oonagh.
  • Self realisation exercise to look at the areas of your life that are out of balance and why.
  • Fairy Queen Ascension Sphere attunement healing to work on shifting the imbalances
  • Three 15 minute meditations which Alphedia channels from the Fairy Queens supporting you with the sound of the drum, singing bowls and percussion as well as voice.

Fairy Queen Oonagh takes you to an orchard of fruit to help you shift your blocks to receiving and seeing the abundance around. You are gifted a flower totem for you to work with to bring abundance in.

Know you are being supported at this time by many members of the Faery kingdom who wish to see you thrive to shine your light bright and to aid others in connecting with the Faery kingdom also.

Know that you are being supported at this time of balance and, from the place of balance, one can take easy action to get ahead.

Know, that you are called by us for we wish to lovingly support you to experience joy in your Earth walk also. Fairy Queen Oonagh

Fairy Queen Maeve takes you to a magical lake and then a fire as she works on balancing your abundance frequency with the elements so you can manifest and receive greater abundance.

Fairy Queen Aine takes you to a barley field ready for harvest where a crop circle has formed. Here you dance with Fairy queens uplifting your spirit as they bring through healing light and each offer you a gift to aid you on your abundance journey this Mabon.

Through these meditation journeys your soul allows you to have healing realisations to aid you on the next stage of your journey.

Lastly Alphedia takes you to her local barley field to perform a gratitude offering to Mother Earth and the Elementals.

Please note that you can tune into the Mabon energies wherever you are in the world.

If you are in the Southern hemisphere you will still receive the powerful healing from the Fairy Queens as Alphedia opened a portal in the energy space to allow you all to come in.

Channeled Message from the Fairy Queens

Greetings, Greetings I am Fairy Queen Maeve.

It is with delight I come forth with the consciousness of Fairy Queens Oonagh and Aine.

Together we create a powerful trine of Fairy wisdom and healing light.

The energies of the Mabon are strong as the high frequency light is flooding down on Earth and activating also within Mother Earth.

You have the opportunity now to let go of lower vibrations such as fear that are stopping you claiming your own harvest within.

It is a time to honour who you are and your uniqueness.

To celebrate your achievements and to let go of what is holding you back from full abundance in all areas.

Know we are here to lovingly guide you and teach you the divine art of manifestation.

To support the work of humanity and the Fairies as co guardians of this great planet Earth and to evolve through balance and mutual respect.

We welcome you to our healing transmission in love and joy. Blessed Be.”

Feedback from Alphedia

“In this transmission I made some major shifts. Becoming aware that the unworthiness vibration was a big block for me. The Fairy Queens helped me realise how much that vibration holds me back and that my uniqueness is something to be celebrated not hidden away. They showed me I was hindered by vows of servitude to the Parish and a hook in my third eye from being christened as a baby.

These were worked on and removed in the Fairy Queen Ascension sphere attunement.

I was also shown during one of the meditations how I had been conditioned and suppressed as a teenager and this cause a block in the neck area.

The throat chakra is the chakra of expression so I am now going to celebrate my uniqueness and not hide part of me away for fear of nonacceptance.

It was a big healing shift for me and I hope it will help you also.”

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