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Fairy Queens Manifestation and Magic

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This workshop is excellent for those who love Fairies and working with nature and her cycles.

In this workshop led by Elemental and Fairy Queen Author Alphedia Arara you are led on a journey into the magical realm of the Fairy Queens.

  • You learn who they are, how to invoke and communicate with them and who is the Fairy Queen Guide watching over you.
  • Guided meditations will clear your chakras and attune you to the energy of the Fairy Queens and take you to meet your own personal guide.
  • You learn to work with crystals, aura essences and the Ascension Spheres (meditation attunement tools) and be attuned to the Fairy Queen of your choice.
  • You then venture outside into nature to learn their magick, how to cast a circle and invoke their assistance working with the natural elements.
  • You are then shown how to manifest wishes with them, create magical tools and work with the moon cycles to bring your dreams into reality.

The Fairy Queens we work with are Maeve, Oonagh, Aine, Brigit, Rhiannon, Morgana Le Fay, Conventina, Cordelia, Diana and Dana.

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