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Fear Matrix Removal Transmission with Djwal Khul

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In this transmission Djwhal Khul brings through a powerful healing meditation to disconnect you from the fear matrix program that humanity has been conditioned under since the fall of Atlantis.

Alphedia Arara channels Ascended Master Djwhal Khul who is the Chohan of the Second Ray of Light.

This fear matrix is like a grid that exists within your holographic matrix. As you move into fifth dimensional consciousness, you are ready to step out of fear programming.

Just how conditioned you are into fear programming from this and past lives, will predicate how much work you energetically require to do to break free of it.

You can listen to the transmission as often as you like and this transmission will support you in debugging yourself from the matrix.

Know that this will bring you soul empowerment, greater clarity of mind, and the ability to make decisions and choices from the heart with ease.

Once you are disconnected, you will be able to be in greater alignment with your soul truth, deepen your intuition, and hold a greater trust in your Divinity.

Alphedia Arara channels Djwhal Khul and supports the transmission with the singing bowls, drum and percussion.

Know this is a great opportunity for ascension fast-tracking and to change your life for the better

Channeled message from Djwhal Khul

Greetings, it is with great privilege that I come forth to offer you this. I wish to take you in to my special Ashram that is dedicated to the removal of the fear matrix.

This is an energetic imprint that has been placed upon humanity as the energies fell and there was corruption from the Anunaki programming. This will offer you the opportunity to detach from any Anunaki programming within you and will also allow you to let go of past life fears, ancestral fears and conditioned fears you have taken on the resonance of in this life also.

I will work on running the fear matrix removal program on your energy systems. This will allow you to expand your chakras and your auric field more fully, allowing you to step into your full power as a Divine soul on Earth.

In this transmission, I will work particularly on the Root Chakra, which is what is affected by the fear matrix mostly.

It may be affecting you in many different areas of your life, and we will run it through your relationships, your finances, your family, career, spiritual life, as many feel fear speaking their truth about their spirituality. This is one of the great sadnesses for you all.

We will also support you in releasing from the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. I will use colour frequencies and vibrations teaching you how to detach from this vibration and also work on strengthening your auric field and protecting you from reconnection with the fear matrix grid.

Know that as you increase in vibration you are able to see it more clearly, the conditioning that you have been placed under and you are able to know that you are safe at all times as you connect in to the Divine oneness that is within.

I will help you to establish a greater connection with your personal guides also, so they are able to bring clearer messages to you once you are disconnected from this matrix.It is a great privilege for me to offer my services.Namaste.”
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