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Flower Fairy Full Moon Workshop

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Often we get confused due to the busy life we lead and are unable to hear the powerful voice within which lovingly guides us when we listen. Connecting with the Flower Fairies is uplifting and powerful.

In May 2014 the Full Moon was in Scorpio bringing in a more balanced and harmonious energy than the previous moon cycle. This moon is known as the Flower Moon and the beautiful and joyful energy of the Flower Fairies came forward to lead us on a healing moon journey.

Flower Fairies are the elemental guardians of flowers. They are also powerful manifestors and healers as well as playful beings who reconnect us to the childlike wonder and awe of the amazing universe we live in.

The Flower Fairies energy will help you adjust to the astrological changes as the Star Gate portal of Harmony opens this night.

They channel a message live through Alphedia Arara and work with us on manifesting our dreams and bringing balance in this moon cycle. They take us on a guided healing meditation.

The Flower Fairies say that we humans take life too seriously and they wish to heal the aspect of ourselves that resists being less stressed, still and contemplative. In the stillness of nature we can access creative insights and heart joy and can manifest our heart call.

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