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Fluorite Crystal Skull

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Crystal Properties

Fluorite is highly protective, it grounds and integrates spiritual energies. It will clear toxicity out of a space and is good for neutralising electro magnetic frequencies. Fluorite improves physical and mental coordination. Dissolving fixed ideas, it helps to move beyond narrow mindedness to the bigger picture. It dissolves illusions and reveals the truth.

It helps connect with the fairy and elemental realms and it helps one to enhance their intuition. It removes obsolete conditioning from the aura and chakra system and in terms of healing it is great for working on the stomach and intestines. It’s a great learning aid and emotionally has a great stabilising effect on the body.


Length: 10cm

Width: 7cm

Height: 7cm

Weight: 815g

Elemental Beings has been sourcing stunning individual crystals and crystal skulls for over ten years. Our crystals are all individually selected and ethically sourced through our geologist who travels the world and works with the top carvers to create our often bespoke skulls. The crystals are lovingly cleansed and activated on the Berlinius line (the UK’s longest leyline) in Merlindale, the Scottish Borders. After they have attuned and collected the energy, many are channelled by Alphedia Arara on their mission and purpose. The Star Beings crystal skulls all share their energy star source so you know whose consciousness you are connecting with. The Dragon skull are all bespoke orders and Alphedia sources the crystals the Dragons want for them to be sent to the carver. If you are looking to order a large bespoke crystal skull please get in touch as over 6 inch size we do not keep in stock. We lovingly pack your crystals and include a channelled guided mp3 meditation to help you connect with your new crystal which is attached to your receipt of purchase. Thank you for choosing an Elemental Beings crystal!

Includes MP3 guided meditation to connect to your Crystal Skull.

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