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Fortingall Retreat Solstice Earth Healing 2016

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Alphedia Arara was asked to hold 2016’s Solstice Earth Healing Retreat in the magical sacred site of Fortingall in Highland Perthshire, Scotland. Archangel Uriel, the Angel of the Earth oversaw this Earth Healing.

This summer solstice was a special one as it coincided with a Full Moon.

Fortingall is steeped in mystical history and home to stone circles and the Famous 5000 year old Fortingall Yew tree.

Alphedia’s retreats are powerful and life enhancing. She is an experienced channel and retreat facilitator and offers personal channeled messages, crystal healings, attunements, channeled meditations and activations.

Day 1

  • The Retreat began at 2pm on Sunday 19th June 2016. On this day we connected with the energies of Fortingall, tuning into the ley lines and activating our inner Merkaba as vehicles of Earth healing light.
  • Alphedia channeled the Great God Pan and also the Sirian Star Master Rankeenka who oversees the Star Gate Portal at the Fortingall Stone Circle.
  • A guided mediation was channeled to connect participants to the land energies of Fortingall and to prepare them for the ceremony on the Solstice the next day. We invoked the Celtic Sun God Lugh to be with us.
  • In the evening participants received a gong bath from Auraengus to clear any blocks and bring through sound code healing with the Solstice energies.

Day 2

  • Solstice, Monday 20th June - it was optional to rise at sunrise and to drum in the Solstice at 4am in the stone circles to connect with the ancients who gathered here in the past including Jesus and a group of Essences as well as many Celtic healers.
  • Alphedia began the retreat later that morning. We went to the Fortingall Yew to connect with its energy, receive transmissions from it and wisdom. We meditated over the full moon at 12.02pm.
  • In the afternoon we worked with connecting up the Tree Grid Consciousness and participants learnt how to assist with the healing of trees, how to work with the King Trees in the forest and about the Universal Tree Grid Consciousness, and how it is ready to be activated and healed to aid with the protection of the great forests on the globe and to bring new forests of trees into being. They received a tree consciousness ascension sphere attunement, found out their power tree and got messages from the trees. They learnt how to activate and reconnect the tree grids where they live.
  • In the evening a Full Moon workshop was held and this workshop was led by Mary Magdalene and the Essenes. It focused on harnessing this moon to bring through the Divine Feminine Consciousness to rebalance the Earth energies at that time

Day 3

  • Tuesday 21st June we journeyed to the sacred mountain, Mount Schiehallion, to connect with the Dragon Consciousness to receive transmissions of light from the Crystalline Dragon of Schiehallion and participants received personal messages from the Dragon. We did a crystal skull overlay creating a 5th dimensional temple of light. We communed with the inner city beings and also performed a fairy solstice abundance ceremony.
  • In the evening participants received a healing from Ardmano, the Preselli blue stone Crystal Skull and also a transmission from the Dragon Skulls to take them on a deep healing journey to aid them in transforming any areas of their life. Using sound through channeling the singing bowls and the drum, Alphedia facilitated this powerful Earth healing journey for this Solstice. Participants received wisdom on their path ahead as a personal message so that they knew as an Earth Healer where to focus energy and light work.

Fortingall is a small village in the entrance to the beautiful Glen Lyon, one of the remotest parts of Scotland in Highland Perthshire. It is known as the Alpha Grail (Primary) (ingress) Threshold or Grail castle of the Christ energy grid of the planet. That is where the Christ energy grid energies are received, anchored and distributed throughout the earths crystalline grid. It is said* that Jesus visited to receive the Christ energies and that his forebears emigrated to Galilee from Fortingall.

Schiehallion is the sacred mountain at the geographical centre of Scotland. At the intersection of ley lines radiating away across Scotland uniting many key sacred sites. Home to magical cave systems, and access into other realms and dimensions. Home to the sidhe, mountain guardians, goharts and many others.

*”The Holy Land of Scotland” book, Barry Dunford

Channeled Message from Archangel Uriel

“Greetings I am Archangel Uriel known as the Angel of the Earth and I will be overseeing the energies of this powerful Earth healing Solstice retreat.

The reason you are being asked to gather a group to the sacred space that is Fortingall, is because it is now time to awaken the tree consciousness grids around the world.

There is a reason that Fortingall Yew has lived for over five thousand years and until recently was considered the oldest tree in the world. It is situated on an energy spot where the male and the female leylines cross.

Fortingall is also a site where the Christ Consciousness grid connects to Earth and therefore those who meditate in Fortingall receive the Christ Consciousness Codes tenfold, upgrading their energy systems.

The retreat will consist of working also with the Crystalline Dragon energy which resides within Mount Schiehallion. Mount Schiehallion is a very sacred mountain known as the Hill of the Fairies and the portal that was opened on 21.12.12 to activate the leyline that runs away to the Great Pyramids of Giza will be strengthened.

The Schiehallion is one of the centres of light, great cities on inner beings dwell in its root. Some of these are of the Fairy Realms but some of these are inner city beings and they are ready to communicate their fifth dimensional consciousness and knowledge to assist you on your Earths’ path.

Working with the Crystal Skull Conclave Consciousness you will perform a ceremony on the Solstice in the Stone Circles and receive Star Being Initiations in these circles also. These will reconnect you to your home and to locations of Star Races where you have spent time learning prior to coming to Earth this incarnation.

You will further strengthen the Elemental Grid and receive personal messages and healings through meditations, attunements and activations at the scared sites.

This will be an exciting journey and way to spend the Summer Solstice and assist the Elementals and Mother Earth, Namaste.”
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