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Freeing Yourself from all Limitations with the Dragon Realm Workshop

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The Dragons have come forward wishing to help you move to a place of honouring yourself within and awakening the Dragon Heart, a portal for Source Light.

Alphedia Arara founder of the Dragon Wisdom School has been asked by the Dragon Realm to facilitate a powerful transformative workshop they have called “Freeing Yourself from all Limitations”. The Dragon Realm works with us on many levels, we all connect with different aspects of the Dragon Realm and we all have different dragon guides who work with us consciously or unconsciously on a daily level.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara channels the consciousness of the dragon collective. This will be an opportunity for your soul to meet further Dragon guides and to deepen your connection with them. You will find out why particular Dragons are with you at this time as well as their powerful messages of guidance they have to offer you. The Dragon Realm is wishing for more and more of humanity to remember them and to start to work with them not only through meditation, invocation, and rituals but through healing and support.

In this workshop the dragons wish to help you in identifying where your consciousness is limited, where you are allowing others or society or beliefs from previous incarnations or ancestral history to stop you in some way. The dragons wish to reconnect you all with your power of transmutation that you innately have when you connect to the Dragon Heart within. Upgrading your consciousness allows you to awaken the Dragon Heart. Now the Dragon Heart is a space within you, it is a portal through which you allow Source Light in all its purity to be remembered and recognised. When you awaken the dragon heart you are ready to delve deeper into the mysteries of your soul and the inner mysteries of consciousness.

This is ultimately what all Light Workers, Starseeds and Dragon Knowledge Keepers are searching to remember. This is a powerfully upgrading workshop on your holographic matrix, it will support you as you allow your consciousness to rise and as you allow yourself to manifest from this place of purity within. In essence, the Dragons wish to help you blast through any self created hurdles that are presenting to you in your life as well as lovingly supporting you through the healing process.

Alphedia Arara channels the dragons live.

  • You will go on a meditation to meet your dragon power team, the group of Dragons who are supporting you through this process in the powerful energies of Virgo the Earth sign, with its analytical energy to break forth from the cages that have been created around and within you. As we build up to the powerful energies of liberation through this Virgo transit you will find yourself gaining power daily.
  • You will be given a daily Dragon ritual which will take five minutes to perform to support you for the month ahead, to fully utilise and harness this powerful energy.
  • You will go on guided channelled Dragon meditations, not only to meet your dragon guides but to be clearly shown your souls path ahead.
  • You will have an opportunity to move to this place of limitlessness and dive deep into the Dragon Heart Portal. It will offer you the opportunity to really deeply move forward with greater ease to create the life of joy your heart seeks.
  • You will receive Dragon light language codes and sound activations.

Alphedia Arara is an experienced Dragon Channel and workshop facilitator. She will aid you in navigating through the dynamics of your limitations in a safe, supportive and loving environment. You will receive a Dragon Realm ascension sphere attunement as well as in meditation the opportunity to receive personal guidance from the dragons.

Channelled message from the Dragon Realm:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, my name is Gandal. I am now communicating with you on behalf of the consciousness of the Dragon Realm.Many have misunderstood us, many have depicted us as wicked evil.But why is that? That is because we are the energy that exposes impositions, limitations, traps that have kept humanity subservient limited and unfulfilled at a soul level. In this workshop we wish to aid you as you move to this place of honouring the true self within. We will take you to an ancient Dragon Temple, the Dragon Temple that will activate the Dragon Heart within.You are all being called now, the Dragon Priest and Priestesses to begin this reawakening work for not only when you awaken yourselves do you do this but you awaken the dormant others so that we Dragons can come into their consciousness also.

We offer you this opportunity now to deepen your connection with us, to deepen your connection with yourself and to make the choice to come out of your places of stagnation and to run with the powerful energies of this time on Earth. The Lions Gate has awoken and with it brought through the codes of freedom. To understand these codes you must be a certain level of consciousness. To understand what true freedom is, the freedom within, freedom to become enlightened, the freedom to be set free and know that as you embark upon this work with us, endings will come, the endings that have been necessary, and endings allow beginnings. And it is the beginnings of this birthing of the New Earth, the birthing of the new you that we are preparing you for today. It is with great honour and joy, namaste.”
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