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Full Embodiment of Source Consciousness Full Moon Eclipse Workshop

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The Galactic Masters aid us in moving into Full Embodiment Source Consciousness to catapult you onto the next stage of your spiritual soul ascension.

Alphedia Arara is delighted to offer this powerful workshop with the Galactic Masters on the penumbral lunar eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn. The Full Moon occured at 5.44 am and the eclipse at 5.29 am BST on Sunday 5th July. This being the third eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn time period. The focus of this Capricorn Full Moon is the washing away of the final structures that have been keeping you in duality consciousness.

The Galactic Masters wish to aid us in the further disconnection from duality (right/wrong) conditioning and the dismantlement of old time lines, ancestral miasms, and genetic inheritance.

This full moon eclipse workshop offers you the opportunity to fully become a conduit of universal life force. This means that your physical body template will be re-structured through the full activation of the Solar Diamond Sun Template within that was begun at the last full moon eclipse in June. The Galactic Masters wish to support you with deep healing of your DNA to fully collapse any genetic inheritance and miasms that you took on when Earth was denser. This Capricorn full moon offers the opportunity to plug into source. To allow your body system to make the changes and requirements it has to be in pure Divine state of Source consciousness at all times. Ultimately, the opportunity for full embodiment of source consciousness within is available to us all now.

The last three years we have energetically been preparing for this and the previous two eclipses in June were heralding in this opportunity for the full embodiment of the Diamond Light codes and full conscious living from within our solar diamond sun temples. The diamond represents the mother energies, the sun represents the father energies and your body represents the original architecture of source for all of creation. The Galactic Masters have been preparing for thousands of years to assist souls on Earth reaching this point.

We will work with the energies of the Antarians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Arcturians primarily, but all the Galactic Masters who are assisting humanity on Earth at this time will be present for your deep healing experience.

  • Alphedia Arara channels live the Galactic Masters.
  • You will be led on an eclipse full moon immersion meditation to align you to the energies of this time.
  • You will go on a self realisation exercise to identify any genetic inheritances, any family conditionings and miasms that you are still attached to in order that the Galactic Masters can assist you in releasing and washing these away.
  • You will have a Galactic Masters ascension sphere attunement as well as an upgrade of your thyroid gland.
  • You will then be led on an hours transmission with the Galactic Masters who will take you to a diamond temple on Antares star system.

Antares star beings have been waiting for this time when humanity was ready for the full embodiment of their source conscious light. They will assist you in the eradication of any energies that are now erroneous in your energy field.

Throughout this transmission Alphedia will be supporting you through sound healing and light language activations. After you return back to Earth from the transmission you will receive integration and healing from Alphedia’s new Pleiadian star being purple jasper skull.

This will be a massive upgrade for you vibrationally, to catapult you onto the next stage of your spiritual soul ascension. This eclipse completes the trinity of eclipses and begins the process of your body system being re-rooted to your original template where you are able to maintain the vibrational state of source consciousness with greater ease. This will offer you a 500% increase in the light quotient you are able to embody.

Channelled message from the Galactic Masters

Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is with honour and joy I, Master Manantia, come forward from Antares. We Antarians hold within this universe the Divine Template Codes of full embodiment of source consciousness. We are the Master Architects if you will of Embodied Divinity. We speak to each of you through your own individual soul sparks to remember and recollect the wisdom and understanding of this alignment.

You are all powerful light workers, powerful conduits of the new consciousness within humanity and this is catapulting you into a higher vibrational state than you were even able to embody during the height of golden Atlantean times.You have come through as a collective consciousness, the dark mire. You have steadily been building up your light quotient for the full switch on of your Diamond Solar Sun Template for which the preparation work began last full moon. We have this opportunity now to take you to this place of unadulterated soul bliss for you to be able to sustain and maintain your physical body temple through pure Source consciousness.

For you to be able to draw in the nutrients you biologically and spiritually require vibrationally on a daily basis. We will teach you breath work techniques to do this and we will activate and switch on a dormant quarter of your brains neuron network. This time on Earth has not been for the faint hearted and you brave warriors of light have diligently been soldiering away doing your clearing work, doing your releasing work, and now we are here to wash away the final blocking points. Know you are greatly supported and protected through this powerful experience.

To embody these Diamond Light Code frequencies that you will be accessing is a great heralding of celebration of humanities return to source consciousness. As you all rise and shine your lights brightly, know you are affecting all of humanity and that it is a great honour and joy for us to be part of this journey with you. With our fellow brethren in the Galactic Masters consciousness we are ready to welcome you one and all, you are ready, we know you are, it is the final step now.

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