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Gaia’s Earth Template Upgrade Workshop

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Gaia Mother Earth is going through the Ascension process also. On 15th December 2018 she upgraded her template. This workshop allows you to assist Gaia in anchoring the codes of light you are carrying, to help stabilise Gaia's merkaba, and upgrade your human template along with Gaia's.

Join Alphedia Arara as she bring’s forth a joyful transmission to allow you to fulfill your mission in the stabilisation process and the witnessing of Gaia’s Template Upgrade on 15th December 2018.

Many of us as Earth Healers and Light Workers are here on this planet at this time to assist with the increased vibration of Mother Earth which aids humanity’s Ascension process also.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara assists you as souls to fulfill your Earth mission to anchor and stabilise Mother Earth’s Merkaba through this time of great shift.

The template upgrade occurred at 3pm GMT on the 15th December 2018.

This workshop takes part in 2 stages.

The first stage is the preparation within yourself for the role energetically that you are performing to assist with this and then secondly, at the moment of upgrade, holding the codes and anchoring the light.

This will allow you also the opportunity for full integration with your human template bringing it into alignment with Gaia’s human template.

As you bring the two, merging them into one, a massive awakening of Diamond Light will integrate through your DNA central nervous system.

Alphedia will lovingly guide you with the support of the Sirians, the Arcturians and the Earth Guardians.

The first stage of this workshop is channeled meditations and activations to put structures into your own human template to assist with the stabilisation of the Earth template.

The second stage is the activation on 15th December in Roslin Glen which is one of the Sun Discs of the World. In this important site you are led through your Earth healing work.

You have the opportunity to release the codes and keys that you personally are carrying as part of your mission of light.

We create a satellite Temple of Light connecting it with the one that was activated at the Ring of Brodgar on the Orkney Isles at the Summer Solstice. This will allow you to receive further downloads of information about your soul’s role in assisting Gaia Mother Earth.

Channeled Message from the Sirians

“Greetings, greetings, greetings dear one, it is with great honour and joy that we come forth to assist with the finalisation of Gaia’s Earth template upgrade journey with us.

We also come forth with other star races who are part of this key activation of the ascension journey on planet Earth.

At this time you are seeing a lot of destabilisation with your forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and droughts as Gaia transitions through the metamorphic transition to bring the 5th dimensional template of light more fully into physical form.

Much of Humanity will be destabilised by this process and that is why many of you have been preparing through your meditations, your channelings and your healings for you to be able to integrate to make these shift with ease and to be able to aid and assist on a planetary level.

2019 will be all about the beginning of the Galactic Template starting to form for the next stage of your Ascension on Earth.

We will gather with the crystal skulls who hold the Divine blueprint of this next stage of the Earth’s evolution.

Many of you have been through this similar journey during the periods of Golden Atlantis and you have been returned to Earth once again to carry the stabilisation codes of the Earth within your holographic matrixes.

Know that as Earth stabilisers your role is vital at this time.

If you feel the resonance and knowledge within you this is why you have come, despite your own personal ascension journey, many of you have come to assist with the Earth’s Ascension journey. And we will give further information about this on the day.

Know that it is with great joy that we are of service this way.


Alphedia Arara is an experienced Earth healer. She has for 10 years been leading people on sacred earth activations as well as channeling Mother Gaia and receiving her wisdom to aid all for this next stage of planetary evolution.

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