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Galactic Unicorns Workshop

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Increase your connection to the Divine, the Unicorn realm and find out about yourself as a galactic soul. Why you have come and how to use the Unicorns to aid your healing journey on Earth, and to open your heart centre to more love and light in your life.

The Galactic Unicorns came forward in February 2017 to ask to be of assistance for us on our spiritual journey.

In this exciting workshop Alphedia Arara channeled the consciousness of the Galactic Unicorns from Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus and Venus Star Systems.

The high frequency Galactic Unicorns are now able to communicate with humanity because we are raising our energy vibration as part of the Ascension process. They each offer unique healing abilities for us to utilise at this time.

Through channelings, unicorn attunements, guided meditations and healings this is an exciting opportunity to have your energy field and heart chakra worked on by these powerful loving beings of light.

Alphedia Arara, as the author of ‘Ascending with Unicorns’ has been working with the Unicorn Realm for over 10 years. She brings forward her wisdom and experience of communicating with this realm and will help you to psychically open up to them and receive personal wisdom.

  • In this workshop you receive energy frequency upgrades, deep healing and wisdom from the Unicorn Realm which will alter your consciousness and uplift your spirits allowing your inner light to shine outwards. When you increase your life quotient you are healthier, happier and bring higher vibration and loving situations into your life.

This workshop includes a healing attunement from each four of the Galactic Unicorn types that have come forward:

The Pleiadian Unicorns assist with bringing through codes which penetrate your aura and enlighten your inner self.

The Venus Unicorns attunement will remind you that you can find love in every area of your life and feel it, express it and be it.

The Arcturian Unicorns attunement focuses on a holographic matrix healing. This will strengthen the aura, heal any energy leakages which can be causing you to feel drained at this time and strengthen the light grid around and within your body.

The Sirian Unicorns attunement helps you to integrate the Earth energy shifts that are occurring and to make you more able to be in the flow of the shifts. This will allow you the opportunity for an easier passage through life.

Channeled message from the Galactic Unicorns

Greetings it is with great honour and privilege that we come forth today.

In this unique new workshop we are ready to assist the lightworkers who know the power of our existence, who know the healing light that we can offer, to help break down conditioned belief patterns and traumas that have shut down the heart centre.

For us Galactic Unicorns it is a great privilege to be able to communicate once again with humanity on Earth. For during ancient Atlantis we were able to establish a relationship with humanity and each of us offer our own individual gifts from our star or planet to assist your energy system at this time.Through this workshop you will experience great bliss and healing.

We will strengthen your auric field and allow you to anchor and harness more love frequency from the Divine into every cell of your body. We will be able to assist you individually on the next stage of your soul journey. To help you reconnect to who you are truly and to further strengthen your inner knowing of Oneness with the Divine.

Our high frequency light will alter your pineal glands allowing you to see clairvoyantly more easily and also to harness more spiritual light. You can work with us to clear blocks that have been holding you back and to shape a bright future going forward.It is a privilege to be of service, Adoni, Namaste”
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