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Ganesh Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse - Abundance & Joy

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The energies of Lord Ganesh support you in living in abundance vibration. He will help you release all areas and causes of lack of abundance in your life.

In this full moon workshop, Alphedia Arara channels the Ascended Master Lord Ganesh. He is known as a deity of abundance and wealth and great wisdom.

This Full Moon’s energy was in the sun sign of Leo, and was a Total Lunar Eclipse. With every eclipse this is a reset point, and the energies of this moon are about letting go of the past conditions and beliefs that have got you to where you are now, and allowing you the opportunity to co-operate with the abundance the universe has to offer.

We are all here to experience joy, happiness and abundance, yet many of us are unable to because of erroneous belief patterning that we have taken on about being in the vibration of abundance.

  • Alphedia Arara channels Lord Ganesh and then leads you on a self realisation exercise, tuning into the energies of the eclipse as well as looking at you life: why or where you carry lack vibration and how to funnel more abundance vibration through you.
  • You are then taken on a powerful guided meditation in which Lord Ganesh supports you in harnessing this powerful eclipsed moon’s energy.

These full moon workshops are powerfully healing experiences.

Channeled message from Lord Ganesh

“Greetings dear ones, it is a privilege to come forth. I am very honoured indeed to be able to assist those who are ready to fully upgrade their energy systems.

To be out of the third dimensional drama that causes you to stay in lack mentality.

When it comes to abundance, I can see within your chakra system where you are not allowing the energy of the Universe to flow freely to you.

I will take you to my Ashram of Light to work on this flow of abundance vibration through all of your energy systems.

I will show you the beliefs that have caused your state of being and how to move out of them.

I will also attune you to wealth consciousness, as well as abundance frequency codes.

For once you are connected with the codes, you will know how to access them, and how to be them at all times. Even in the midst of other’s denser energy.

Know as you lighten your energy field, you open up your abilities to create the reality of the existence you wish to create on Earth.

You are able to see through the illusion of the pre-programming that is indoctrinated into humanity, and you reclaim your power of manifestation and co-creation with the Divine.

I will work with Goddess Lakshmi to support you in this co-creation work for wealth and abundance.

For, once one removes lack frequency from the conscious minds of all, everything returns to balance, greed would not be required.

Decisions driven by fear of being without would not be required. So those of you who are ready to carry these codes allow more to awaken.

I will connect you to the Great Inner Pyramid.

This Inner Pyramid is a sacred geometry shape existing deep within Mother Earth, but it is existing also within your solar plexus chakras.

None of you are remembering how to use it, how to amplify it and how to create its manifestations, and I will support you in the return of this knowledge.

This will be a great kickstart to a New Year for you; an opportunity to be unhindered in your path ahead.

But know that one of the greatest energies that affects humanity is that of laziness, for it is easy to blindly travel through an incarnation.

But this is not what you came as lightworkers to do! You came to bring change. You came to create the New Dawn, the reality, and at this Eclipse it is now time to collectively gather to do this in one-ness for all.

I am here to assist you. Namaste.”
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