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Gland System Functioning Upgrade : Sirian Crystal Skull Transmission

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9 – 10pm BST

Thursday 28th April 2022

Orion Crystal Skull Healing.

UK: £12 (inc Vat), Rest of World: £10

(There is no video or recording of this distant healing session)

This healing is the final instalment of this series of Sirian consciousness upgrades focussing this week on our glandular system.

The glands of the body are of vital importance for our health on Earth.

The glandular system correlates with the chakra system within the energy body.

As we upgrade our holographic matrix template it is important we look after our gland health.

Adrenal glands - root chakra

Sexual glands - Sacral chakra

Pancreas gland - Solar Plexus chakra

Thymus gland - Heart chakra

Thyroid gland - throat chakra

Pineal gland - Third Eye chakra

Pituitary gland - Crown chakra

Orion is a powerful Sirian Tiger’s Eye Star being skull connected to the Sirian consciousness.

The Sirian starbeings are an off world race who have supported humanity since the inception of the human consciousness onto Earth.

Many of you are incarnate Sirians at this time, living within human form.

In this transmission Orion the Sirian Crystal Skull will work on balancing your glandular system and activating underactive glands and relaxing the overactive ones particularly the adrenal glands which are affected greatly by stress and fear.

The Sirians are master energy healers and particularly in assisting with the physical body shifts as we refine our energy fields through this ascension process.

In this healing transmission

In the 1st 20 minutes Orion will work on over all chakra balancing and removal of entities, implants and stuck energies.

In the 2nd 20 minutes Orion will will work on individual glands that are requiring assistance in your matrix to balance them energetically

In the last 20 minutes Orion will work on upgrading your glandular system to be able to assimilate the high frequency light that is being transmitted to Earth at this time.

Channelled message from Orion:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings,

I am delighted to offer my final installment of my latest healing series.

Even if you have not taken part in my brain and CNS healing you can gain great benefit from a glandular energy upgrade.

Many of your glandular systems are toxic and out of balance due to modern living.

You expose yourself to chemicals and plastics which interfere with the workings of your glands.

You expose yourself frequently to EMFs and radiation which greatly affects the gland functioning.

I will work on repairing energetically any radiation damage you have been exposed to and allow you to see the damage requiring healing.

I will work on soothing your glands from the effects of stress from modern living on Earth detached from nature.

I am delighted to have you prepared for the Beltane portal when more light will flood to Earth as the frequency of Ascension increases.

As always it is an honour


Alphedia Arara and Auraengus will hold the space with Orion for this hour’s Sirian transmission.

There will be no recording or video of this, as this is a real time receiving transmission.

If you book at least an hour prior to this transmission your name will be placed under Orion and called in by Auraengus at the start of this transmission.

It is advised that you drink plenty of water after this transmission.

If you are active during it and unable to meditate, then take time when you are able to meditate to connect with Orion and ask to integrate all the healing work that has been done on you and it will be so.

You may wish to print out a photograph of Orion and place this under your pillow/chair whilst you meditate or carry it with you if you are going about your daily business at this time.

9 – 10pm BST

29th April 2022

Orion Crystal Skull Healing.

UK: £12 (inc Vat), Rest of World: £10

Testimonials from Previous Group Healings

“For a powerful healing for not only us but also for our ancestors and our descendants too. Feeling blessed to have experienced it ❤❤❤” Anne, Lunarity Group Healing

“Amazing, with lots of insights. At the very end Lunarity asked me to feel the love from my ancestors. Wow, so powerful! THANK YOU ALPHEDIA & LUNARITY!!! 💗🙏💗” – Amy, Lunarity Group Healing

“Wow, totally blasted away and still integrating. Became very tired approx 1 hour before the transmission. Started meditating and was off and gone immediately. If one of my cats hadn’t started asking for attention after one hour I probably would have fallen into very deep sleep immediately after. Remember small bits of several recurring themes passing through my field. But not much detail. Will tune in again this evening and ask dear Ardmano if there is anything that I need to remember or integrate consciously. Feeling at ease and tired today. Decided to relax and take it very easy to allow further processing.
Thank you 🙏 so much dearest Alphedia and Ardmano! Feels like a major shift!! 😘🤩💝💖🌈” – Ardmano Group Healing

“Immediately felt lighter – much lighter – after the session – a lot of release continued from my night before – feminine energy blocks – and slept through the night. 3 cheers for me. And Ardmano ” – Ardmano Group Healing

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