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Glastonbury Tor Faery Workshop

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Assist with Gaia’s (Mother Earth’s) Merkaba shift to open up a deeper portal of love throughout the planet. This Merkaba shift allows the souls who are ready to experience deep soul and heart healing.

This exciting workshop was led by Faery Author and Channel Alphedia Arara in the spiritual town of Glastonbury.

Over seeing the workshop is the divine feminine goddess Mary Magdalene who was a druidic priestess in Avalon and later on the sacred isle of Iona and she will prepare your energy system in meditation before introducing you to the Faery King Gwyn Ap Nudd and Faery Queen Morgana Le Fey.

Glastonbury Tor is well known as a Faery portal and a sacred site where the veils between worlds is thinner.

Channeled message from Mary Magdelene

A gathering on 29th of October of the souls who wish to be part of this heart healing experience will occur in the afternoon.

There will be a meditation which I will channel to connect people into their heart centres and to prepare them for the healing work that is to occur on top of the Tor.

There then will be a sacred pilgrimage up Glastonbury Tor with crystal skulls to help allow for the healing of the leylines and any blocked energy that is stopping Gaia’s heart centre opening fully.

And then the love portals will be opened and radiate light down through the leyline structures.

Gwyn ap Nudd and Fairy Queen Morgana will come forward to bring through a new initiation from the fairy realms to assist humanity in opening their heart centres more fully and to allow them to have a deeper connection with the Fairy Kingdom and all its aspects.

A guided meditation will be performed with Morgana and Gwyn ap Nudd to help anchor the codes of new consciousness fully into being. And also to allow souls to remember and access dormant knowledge of the Fairy people and to allow you to receive a fairy mission and a personal message from them as to why the fairies wish to establish a greater connection with humanity once again.

Each soul participating will receive a personal channeled message from the fairy kingdom.

In the evening there will be a heart healing meditation and exercise to allow you to anchor deep into the Avalon heart centre and to receive whatever knowledge and wisdom you as a soul require for healing at this time.”

Channeled Message from Mary Magdelene explaining the earth’s Merkaba

“The Earth’s Merkaba is a geometric grid which holds planet Earth within it. When the Merkaba of the Earth turns, it shifts the vibrational rate of the Earth. This allows all those upon Earth to shift in conscious evolution. This next shift allows the heart (LOVE) centres on Earth to increase vibrational output allowing more love vibration to be held on Earth, making it easier to access the love of the divine and love of all.

The love vibration will be enhanced allowing those with shut down heart centres to start to feel and remember love and start to embody it. This will bring a mass shift in consciousness which will have ripple effects around the world.

Those who are already consciously aware of and opening their heart centres will feel a deeper connection with the Divine and the true essence of Divine love within them. This brings contentment, inner peace and bliss. The lens which you look through will be love filled, your inner vision and knowing will be clearer and the path ahead will be illuminated.

Fears drop away in the presence of this love and your heart chakra expands, allowing you to move out of separation vibration and more fully into oneness.

This brings with it a deeper connection with the Elementals, nature spirits and the animal and angelic kingdoms. Remembrance of your inner divinity and honouring self love at all times can become your natural way of being.

The structures are falling into place to allow humanity the opportunity to embody divine light and and love at a more exquisite frequency than has been possible in physicality before."
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