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Gnome Full Moon Workshop

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The Gnomes bring through wisdom and knowledge to assist you on the next stage of your path, de-stressing you and allowing you clarity through a deeper connection to the earth and within your own heart centre.

The Gnomes are the guardians of the leylines, the earth energy lines that criss-cross throughout the world. They anchor the codes and frequencies into the leylines that mother earth requires. So their energy is very grounding and centering. They work through a connection with the heart centre, which allows you a deeper connection with mother earth.

This full moon was in Pisces and was known as the full harvest moon, it occured at 2.36am on the 9th of September 2014. This moon cycle was all about consolidation of the energies that came through in the summer. It is a time to harness the knowledge and the wisdom that is now available to you as a soul, in other words, it is a time to reap what you have sown.

  • In this workshop Alphedia Arara channels from the Gnome kingdom and she leads you on a group attunement to the Gnome energies.
  • In this attunement you work with the Gnomes to anchor yourself into being more fully present on the planet at this time. When you are fully in your "I am" presence you are more centred, focused, you are out of drama and you can more clearly see the path ahead.
  • The Gnomes work on a self realisation exercise with you to assist you in seeing what stops you being your true self at all times.
  • Alphedia then leads you on a guided meditation with the Gnomes to prepare your energy for this next moon cycle so that you can get the fullest benefit out of the energies available from this Piscean full moon.

Channeled Message from the Gnomes

“We Gnomes are delighted to step forward to assist with the energies of this full moon, for this full moon is the culmination of anchoring the heart with mother earth. And although the Piscean energy is watery and we are of the earth element, what we are offering is to bring your emotional imbalances into alignment.

Many of you may a times feel incredibly emotional, possible depressed, possibly at times hyper or manic and unable to be at peace. This is because your emotional body is requiring to be grounded, and the energies of this moon cycle assist with this. When you ground your emotional body you feel a great weight being lifted off you. You will feel that you are able to cope, not only with dramas in the physical realm, but also to cope with where you are going on your soul journey and with the energy changes.

This moon cycle is all about anchoring the heart with the earth and allowing you to consciously understand the knowledge and the wisdom that is now available by this we mean an opportunity to raise your energy vibration and to elevate in consciousness. We Gnomes are a friendly race and we are so looking forward to connecting with many of you who actually have Guardian Gnomes as guides. Namaste.”
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