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Goddess Aphrodite Full Moon Workshop 2015

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Goddess Aphrodite assists you in strengthening long term relationships, bringing in more passion and understanding or aiding you in finding your soul partner. She assists with releasing blocks to being loving to yourself and others.

The Greek Goddess of love, beauty and passion Aphrodite came forward to assist us with this full moon in Sagittarius.

The full moon occured at 17.18 and Alphedia Arara leads you on a channeled guided meditation with Aphrodite to help you harness the energies of that moon cycle.

You work with Aphrodite’s energy to bring awareness to your relationships, be that your relationships with yourself, romantic relationships or family.

Channeled Message from Aphrodite

Greetings beloved ones. I am honoured to be called to assist with my energy wisdom.

Many of you on Earth struggle with the love vibration and I am associated with the planet of love Venus.

We will work with the Venusian Star beings in meditation also to alter your energy signature to aid you in releasing what blocks love or creates lack of love in any form for you.

When you see yourself, others in your environment through love vibration your reality changes, you heal. My energy will help you bring passion and excitement back into your earth walk.

My Venusian friends will help with their soothing energy to aid you into a deeply relaxed state of being. Let go of stress.

Be love. Namaste’
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