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Goddess Pallas Athena New Moon & Gong Meditation

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“This New Moon energy is all about connecting more consciously into your true self and moving into wholeness. Offering an opportunity to look honestly at what you have manifested in your life and taking full responsibility for it.”

This New Moon, in September 2018, brings in clarity on what we require in our life to progress as soul and choosing how we are going to heal ourselves.

Many are manifesting pains, body issues, ill health as we clear out outmoded thought forms and our guides are asking us to pay attention to the underlying vibrations causing bodily imbalances.
This moon offers up the opportunity to tie up loose ends and clear up karmic debts and step out of timeline drama holding us back in our soul growth.

Goddess Pallas Athena Guided Meditation - 15 Mins

Auraengus’s New Moon Channeled Gong Meditation - 12 min

Alphedia and Auraengus offer you this meditation and gong bath to support you in harnessing this New Moon’s Energy.

Alphedia channeled Goddess Pallas Athena who is known as the Goddess of Truth.

She has brought though wisdom and a guided meditation to help you connect to the New Moon energy and receive a healing from Athena and 13 Angels.

Athena worked on highlighting for you stuck energies and thought forms you can release in the Gong Bath.

She also places a diamond in the chakra which is requiring most clearing and healing to help you acknowledge the truth of who you are.

Auraengus then channels a Gong Healing Sound Bath to help you release the energies that no longer serve you are this time.

This is a beautiful healing transmission to support your soul growth at this time moving you move fully into awareness of who you are.

The 15 minute Athena meditation can fit into your daily practice for the coming moon cycle to support you with the energy shifts of this time.

Channeled Message from Goddess Pallas Athena

“Greetings dear ones.It is with great joy I come forth to support you all in moving closer to the Divinity within.

I see you all are asking, hoping and ready to ascend further into the bliss of the truth of who you are.

To embody more fully your true soul expression and to let go of that which holds you back from being true in your Divine form.Know that I am here to take you into a place of inner bliss.

To aid and assist you in surrendering to your true soul expression and to honour all you are hidden from.Know that your light shines bright if you let it.

Take time to allow yourself to shine, to see yourself positively and to undo the manifested creations of the past.

This next energy shifts allows you to disconnect from the current reality to go with in and discover the wonder and bliss as you remember the truth of your uniqueness and why you are here.

Call upon me to support you in your truth within discovery and remember your power is as a Creator within. Adoni.”
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