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Goddess Venus, and the Venus Star Beings Full Moon Workshop

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Goddess Venus assists you in delving into the heart centre and to experience the bliss and ecstasy of true Divine Love of yourself. From this point you are able to attract loving relationships and loving experiences daily.

In February 2017 the full moon was in Leo was also a prenumbral Lunar eclipse. This means it was a restart point and the powerful Goddess of Love, Venus and the Star Beings from the planet Venus came forward to assist us in harnessing more self love.

This powerful full moon occurred at 12.32 am on February 11th 2017 and was in the star sign Leo. The energies of this full moon in Leo bought forward an energising vibration.

  • In the workshop Alphedia Arara channels Goddess Venus and then leads you through a self realisation exercise to look at what has been blocking you in experiencing love in all its many forms. She then channels for you a powerful healing guided meditation to help you experience more self love.

Many of us are critical and make judgments of who we are, the decisions we make and our worth and the Venus Star Beings will be showering you with their knowledge, love and blessings, to move you into a state of contentment and deep love within yourself.

Channeled message from Goddess Venus and the Venus Star Beings

Greetings it is with great joy we step forth to be of offer and service at this eclipse point on earth. For you are moving deeper into the photon belt of light and therefore any old wounds of the heart are being stirred up in this moon cycle whether they are from this lifetime or from previous incarnations.

In this workshop I will work on clearing out the trauma from previous break ups, from previous relationships and any lifetimes where you have had a critical or unloving relationship with yourself.

Your souls now are seeking the purest form of exquisite love to bring them to joy, harmony and bliss and as you radiate this energy within, so the world radiates this back to you.

Imagine if all your experiences daily were loving, allow yourself this great gift of self love, allow yourself this gift of loving yourself unconditionally and truly.

I will take you up to my temple on the planet Venus and we will raise your energy up to the frequency of the Venus Star Beings, who come forth to bless you, in aiding you in accessing the deep wisdom that is within your heart, for you are all loving beings.

You are all worthy of the most powerful Divine Love. Yet few of you access this.

Few of you harness these codes, which is why we will offer you structures within the heart centre that allow you to garner these codes of love. Allow you to be the unique aspect of the Divine Love.

This will alter your holographic matrix and therefore your reality as you interact through your holographic matrix with the holographic matrixes of others, other beings and Mother Gaia herself.

This is your time and chance to move more fully into the One heart, the Oneness, utter bliss of completion with self.

We say for those of you who are in relationships and those of you who are seeking to be in a relationship, to be able to express your heart truth, to attract or harmonise a relationship you are in.

This will allow you to be your truth, to experience self romance, for that is what romance is, it is a feeling within yourself and even if you are not coupled up you can still experience that wonderful uplifting energy.

The energies of this moon support this, though many of you see Valentine’s Day as just a fad it is actually representing the Portal of Love that was always known to open up on this auspicious day.

When you have the understanding of what you can access on this day known as Valentines day you will experience a unique energy upgrade to the heart centre.

The time of the pain of the heart is no more, it is time to be set free and to live from heart centred love, joy and contentment. When you manifest from this place abundance sprouts forth.

Showering you in rose petals of love,It is my honour, Namaste.”
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