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Goddesses Full Moon Meditation

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Goddess Selena and Goddess Isis help you to reconnect to your true self, to find out who you truly are to feel comfortable with yourself.

For the full moon of February 2014 Goddess Selena and Goddess Isis come forward. This moon was known as the snow moon and occurred at 23:53 GMT in the astrological sign of Leo.

Goddess Selena is a Greek moon goddess, she assists souls with emotional healing and nurturing ourselves and assists with past lives, magic and healing.

  • Alphedia channels live Goddess Selena and Goddess Isis.
  • You invoke their presence around you and Alphedia leads you on a self realisation exercise.
  • Then takes you on a channeled guided meditation with Isis and Selena.

Channeled Message from Goddess Isis

Now is the time to seek out who you are; to reconnect with the soul within and to love, nurture and cherish that soul. To willingly release the past pains and let go of your identity attachments to them.

This moon supports you as do I and Selena in finding who you are and how comfortable really you are within yourself.

By loving and nurturing yourself, honouring yourself and nurturing the goddess aspect of yourself, which you all have, men included, you feel contentment, happiness and peace.

Utilise this moon’s healing energy as the final clearances that your soul (higher self) and your guides are wishing you to tackle at this time are released.

Powerful healing can occur for you with this full moon’s energy and it is a privilege to assist you with this.”
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