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Golden DNA Light Code Transmission - New Moon Eclipse Gong Bath

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Archangel Metatron and the Arcturian star beings lead you on a transmission to start the activation of your Golden DNA strands within your cells.

This New Moon in Capricorn coincides with the first Solar Eclipse of the year.

Eclipses are always reset points and now as we move into the energies of 2019 this will be an exciting year as we balance the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within to create the Universal Oneness Trinitization process.

In this transmission Alphedia Arara channels Archangel Metatron - the Angel of Ascension who is supported by the Arcturian Star Beings to start the activation of our Golden DNA strands within our cells.

In the transmission Metatron and the Arcturians work on your energy field activating your Golden DNA to support you in remembering deep Galactic knowledge about yourself and your path.

Allowing you to reactivate your spiritual gifts and talents on a higher level and to make your soul progress swifter and fuller.

You will receive healing and activation.

Archangel Metatron explains about how this will affect souls who are Walk ins and about your DNA.

Auraengus has also channeled a beautiful Gong Bath Sound healing to help you integrate the changes with in you.

This supportive transmission also helps to you tune into your soul to see what it wishes to manifest in 2019.

Archangel Metatron's latest Ascension Report on the Golden DNA Codes

"Greetings, greetings, greetings, dear one, I am Metatron Angel of Ascension, it is a great honour and joy for me to bring forth this latest transmission to assist you all on Earth at this time.

Many of you will hear the call of activating the Golden DNA Light Codes but more than that you are also awakening your Galactic Mastery Self and this is the beginning process.

For the next three months there will be many transmissions from the Galactic Masters aiding you in remembering your Galactic Ancestry and aiding you in awakening within you consciousness that has lain dormant.

Know that the New Moon and Partial Eclipse catapult us into a further stage of cellular awakening.

Within the DNA stored within your cells is the blue print of the Divine pattern codes of light.

This blueprint of the Divine Codes of patterned light have not only been downloaded into you as a human on Earth but contain the wisdom of the Galactic Mastery of your own soul and the whole evolution of Divine Will through the Divine Creator.

Once you tap into the vastness of this consciousness you will be remembering not only who you are and your role, but also deep and ancient wisdom and knowledge that has been kept hidden since the fall of Atlantis and actually in fact since the creation of the consciousness of Mother Earth.

You are now entering into unchartered territory as physical conscious souls and this is a very exciting time as none have done this before.

At the height of Golden Atlantis, yes, your mastery skills of esoteric magic were high and great and yet still it was not quite the evolution that that universe offers souls on Earth now should they choose to take it.

The activation of the golden DNA strands is important as we process through this year merging into the Universal One Mind.

Allowing you all to have the understanding that have the you have the choice now as a race, as a human collective consciousness, to fast track even further in the next 7 years starting at the Winter Solstice 2019.

Already you are now leaps and bounds ahead of the mass consciousness but every day now more and more are awaking more are coming out of the ego pride fear, anger, blame, guilt, shame and judgement and are returning to the Universal Oneness Codes of love, joy, peace, harmony, and bliss.

Feel the difference in the vibrations as I have said these words.

Know that you are all ready to awaken, you are ready to activate your golden DNA light codes and I do not wish to bring forth a long message on this for I will give you an invocation prayer you say now to bring into your daily practice over the next three months.

Should you choose this will allow for not only the activation of the golden DNA codes, but for a return to physical health, for return into balance in all areas of your life, including financial, familial, relationships, connection with nature, soul growth, mission completion and utilisation of the awakening dormant memories we will be activating for you.

My key message for you to get through the three months, after this New Moon brings through an awakening through the Capricorn sign the practical sign, is that action is required.

No longer is it time to sleep walk through life for now it is of key importance to take action every day in your spiritual growth and development and this can just be done through an intended thought before you even get out of bed to activate a deep remembrance of your soul and to follow the path of light with ease.

For many of your souls are still choosing the difficult route which is no longer required. You no longer have to learn through purgatory and difficulty it is all about remembering that you have free will on Earth and can choose to glide through ease through these transmissions if you are willing to do the cellular work so here is your invocation this month:"

Golden DNA Invocation

“I call upon the presence of the mighty Archangel Metatron and all the Angelic Guides of Light.

I support you now moving fully with all into collective oneness.

I am ready for this awakening of the Golden DNA light codes within me to occur.

I connect in daily with my Golden DNA strands and as I do this they grow and awaken within me the dormant memories of my Galactic True Self.

I am ready to harness this daily.



"It was wonderful thank you!" Sheridan, USA

"It was a beautiful activation and the Gong bath really stabilized it! Will definitely listen to it more. Thanks so much!" Jeanna, USA

"Hi Alphedia, I loved the transmission. I could clearly feel the vibration raising within me. It was a great experience!" Kerstin,

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