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Golden Dragon Healing Transmission

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Transmission from the Golden Ascension Dragons to celebrate World Dragon Day on 7th October 2017. They explain how their powerful healing works and the importance of balance in our lives to maximise our healing potential.

Anka the large Scottish Serpentine Dragon skull brings through an attunement for you to receive dragon skull healing. Anka also offers to place codes into your own dragon skulls to assist you with your healing work.

Anka, Scottish Serpentine Dragon Skull

You are then taken on a half hour guided meditation to the Dragon Healing temple at Santorini which was the site of the Atlantean Dragon Temple.

In this meditation you are taken into an element chamber to receive healing from the dragons of fire, air, earth, water or ether. The dragons work to clear any underlying energy blockages that are manifesting as ill health for you at this time.

You will then meet the silver white Ascension Dragons who work to raise your chakra system to 12th dimension vibration. Clearing and releasing lower energies stuck in your system. Through this you have the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of where you have stuck energy and what is causing it.

Then they take you on an Atlantean Healing from any trauma, pain or suffering you are still carrying from the time epoch. When they do this they became aware of the collective sorrow we as a race are still carrying from the fall of Atlantis so work on releasing that from you.

In their final offering they bring through a divine love healing so you can receive the most powerful healing vibration and teach you about clearing resistance to receiving divine love.

You are also offered a gift to help you with your dragon healing work going forward.

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