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Golden Phoenix Workshop

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The very high vibration aspect of the Phoenix consciousness comes through to aid you in your rebirthing process, to assist you with the current challenges of the energetic vibrational changes occurring on Planet Earth.

In this special high vibration Phoenix workshop, Alphedia Arara channels the Golden Phoenix energy.

  • The Golden Phoenix channeled through Alphedia takes you on a guided meditation to upgrade your twelve chakra system, to help you feel more aligned with your true soul essence. You will go on an ascension sphere attunement with the Golden Phoenix to receive healing and wisdom about what you are requiring to let go of and to transform, at this point in your life.
  • There is also a guided healing meditation which Alphedia channels, to allow the Golden Phoenix to start to transform your energy system and bring you personal wisdom.
  • In this workshop you receive a transmission from the Golden Phoenix to allow you to recreate the path you wish to be on.

This is a rebirth transmission and an incredibly high vibration transformational change within your DNA structures will occur. You will work with mantras and set your intentions for the way forward in creating the life you wish to be experiencing just now.

You also work with the crystal kingdom and this will be a deeply cleansing, upgrading and renewing healing experience for you, your soul and monad group.

You will release heaviness, doubt and any other vibrations not conducive to be holding.

Channeled Message from the Golden Phoenix

I am the consciousness of the Golden Phoenix, and as you may be aware the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

In order to rebirth, you have to disassemble the structures you have currently created.

As human beings you are complex, you create your reality and the world you live in through your thoughts and through your desires and through the collective consciousness you have been birthed into.

I am an energy of twelfth dimensional light and those who are ready to take part in this workshop are ready to transform through twelfth dimensional consciousness.

Even for those of you who are of an advanced spiritual nature, you will feel a great shift when working with and connecting to my energy.I am here to dissolve away the lower frequencies, to help you see with clarity where you are at and the situations that you are currently creating.

I am here to expand your consciousness, to aid you in seeing that your dreams can become a reality and to rebirth you out of the belief consciousness of your race, your nation and your family collective.

All is possible on Earth, ... even things that your medical doctors will tell you are impossible, for you are a vast soul stored within your physical shell.

Know there is a time to let go of limitations, it is a time to embrace the new light, it is a time to take this opportunity for great spiritual growth and wisdom on Earth.

Know you are ready for this and the light and the planets in this astrological alignment supports this shift at this time. Know you are ready.

Know all is possible for you. Namasteā€

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