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Green Man Workshop

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Work with the Green Man energy to help you connect at a deeper level with the nature kingdom, feel the creative lifeforce energy that you are part of on the planet at this time and bring vitality and new growth into all aspects of your life.

The Green Man is an iconic figure through the ages and statues and carvings of the Green Man representations are found in many countries. The archetypal role the Green Man energies represent is that of renewal, regrowth, vitality life force, fertility, veritility, Oneness with nature and her cycles and abundance.

Alphedia Arara had a visit from the Green Man as she sat in the sun in her garden. He asked her to notice and feel the trees as they were bursting into leaf. To listen to the sound of the birdsong and notice their constant activity of feeding their young. She found this stirred up dormant energy in her sacral chakra as as the Green Man performed a healing on her to connect her more with the energies of this time of the year.

She started to feel the goddess energies which she was carrying activate and was told to honour the womb and start to use the power of sexual creativity to energise her body and to open up and connect to the vibrant energy of this time of the year, to utilise it in creative projects and remove any sluggishness which the long winter period had brought in.

Since then Alphedia has been more aware of the subtle energies of the nature realm and nature spirits and feels more connected with them.

In this workshop Alphedia channels the Green Man and brings forth his energy so you can acknowledge his archetypal role on the Earth and what it means for you.

The Green Man represents the creative forces of nature and wishes to allow you to honour the creative natural forces within you so that you can use your creative talents and gifts to honour yourself and your life path.

  • Participants went outside into the garden around the Fairy Yurt to connect with the trees and the flowers, the stream and other aspects of nature and visited the lambs in the field.
  • The Green Man takes you on a healing meditation to remove blocks in your chakra system and energy field that are stopping your deep heart felt connection with the nature realm which we are all part of.
  • You have a group ascension sphere attunement with the Green Man and receive personal channeled messages from him.
  • The Green Man then performs an activation on you to stir up dormant sexual energy and performs a healing on you if you have any blocks in this area of your life about acknowledging the sexual and creative fertile aspects of self which have been demonised in modern mainstream religions and media.
  • You work with crystals and the Green Man to help you feel more vibrant and alive.
  • He takes you on a guided meditation to be shown your creative potential and how you can harness the vibrant energies of this time of year in your life and mission on Earth.

Green Man Channeled Message

”I have called for this workshop to be run at this time to assist those light workers ready to fully honour, nurture and harness the creative force of nature at this time.

For too long humanity has been separate from these creative forces of nature and now as the planet raises her vibration and the consciousness of humanity increases, more of you will be feeling the call to reconnect to this creative force that is within you.

As a human you are part of nature, not separate, and many of you experience tiredness, fatigue, despondency, depression because of this separation, because you are not at one with the natural processes that are occurring.

In this workshop I will assist you in clearing the blocks and the past life experiences, memories and conditions that have caused you to shut down the aspect of yourself that utilizes the creative forces and the sexual power that you are able to harness.

By working with the energy of the archetype that I represent, you start to open more fully your heart centres, you start to connect with the masculine creative energy. However, my female aspect the Green Lady will also bring through her light; for some of you may require balancing of the feminine side.

Either way, what we offer you is the opportunity to become more balanced as a human being and to feel part of the natural kingdom, and thus by doing this, communication with the elemental nature spirit realms becomes clearer.

You become more able to harness the vibrant land energy for reconnecting deep down into Mother Earth and to the wisdom of the trees, the plants, the flowers, the bird kingdom who are all a hive of activity at this time.

You become inspired, and as you become inspired, you become joyful, you become passionate, and you become content.

For many it is the isolation from the natural kingdom that causes deep soul unhappiness.

We aim to reconnect you at a soul level to what is an innate part of yourself, so that you are able to go forward into the summer full of vitality, joy, playfulness and be happy. Adoni.”
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