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Guardian Angel Workshop

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Learn who your Guardian Angels are and why they are with you.

This three hour Guardian Angel workshop, led by Angel Channel Alphedia Arara, teaches you how to connect with your own Guardian Angels.

  • You learn what Angels are and how to communicate with them.
  • You also learn about your sixth sense and how the Angels try to communicate with you as well as Angel signs and the areas of your life your Angels can help you in.
  • You learn how to work with crystals and aura sprays to improve Angelic communications.
  • There is a guided meditation to open and clear your chakras (Alphedia teaches you about these), to meet your own Guardian Angels and receive their name and a colour healing from them.

This workshop is about empowering you spiritually and deepening your connection to the Angelic realm. It is a good workshop for beginners and those interested in allowing the Angels into their lives.

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